WKA: Milford streets: Newly paved and race ready

MILFORD, DE-Thanks to generous contributions from three paving companies racers in this year's 12th Annual Milford Grand Prix Black Top Race presented by the Greater Milford Chamber of Commerce October 9-10 in Milford, DE will have a...

MILFORD, DE-Thanks to generous contributions from three paving companies racers in this year's 12th Annual Milford Grand Prix Black Top Race presented by the Greater Milford Chamber of Commerce October 9-10 in Milford, DE will have a smoother 1/2-mile surface to compete on. AP Croll Company milled the streets along the racecourse preparing them for paving. City crews adjusted utility heights. Tilcon Company donated 175-tons of hot mix and Maloney's Asphalt Design, Inc. paved Park Avenue, the bridge decks on the Mispillion River Bridge and each end of Pearl Alley. The corners of South East Second Street were radiused for better kart cornering and telephone poles along that corner were moved further back for racer's safety. The cost of donated materials and labor neared $150,000 estimated Maloney's Asphalt Design, Inc. owner Pat Maloney.

"This will make it a better transition around the utilities and make for a smoother racing surface," Maloney described. "It took a lot of man hours, about 250. My company's been here working for three days."

Along with a new race surface racers will notice other improvements to this year's event. It is being held on Columbus Day weekend to give racers with children an extra drive day that Monday when schools are closed. Competitors will pit in a nearby spacious shopping center parking lot across from the grid. Venders will notice improvements as well. They will be in the former pit area where they will be more accessible to racers, crews and spectators.

The Milford Street Race offers classes for both two and four cycle road course competitors raced under WKA rules for the Horstman/Gold Cup and George Kugler Manufacturer's Cup Championship Series including the Rodney J. Harrington Memorial Race (360 lbs) and 125 Shifter (385 lbs) offering $1,000 purse each.

Four Cycle classes competing are Stock Lite (325 lbs), Junior Stock (310 lbs), Stock 5HP 35 7 Over (375 lbs), Stock Medium (359 lbs), Junior Sportsman 1 & 2 at 260 and 280 lbs respectively, Restricted Junior Stock (300 lbs), Animal (375 lbs), Stock Heavy (375 lbs) and Limited Modified (335 lbs). Two cycle competitors will be racing in Cadet Comer Junior, Yamaha Can, Piston Port Senior (335 lbs) and ICA (320 lbs).

Gates for parking will open at noon on Friday October 8th and registration will open at 5 pm that evening and close at 9 pm. Racers can also register on Saturday from 7 am to 11:30 am. Saturday's practice begins at 8 am. A driver's meeting will be held at the end of practice followed by heat races. Sunday's first feature will leave the grid at 8 am. There will be a break in feature racing at 10:00 am, which will resume at 11:30 am.

That Saturday evening, at 6 pm, Rev. Todd Shaw of Ocala, FL Founder and President of On Track Ministries, will hold the first of two worship services that weekend. Shaw, his wife Lisa, and their two children, Jason & Krista, travel the East Coast reaching out to families in the world of motorsports. They minister primarily to racers, crewmembers, track workers, and their families in the World Karting Association.

Their worship services are held trackside to get on the right track with God's Word and worshiping the Son-Jesus Christ. During the races, they are trackside and in the middle of the action to offer support to drivers, track workers and families when racing accidents happen. On or off the track, they make themselves available as needed.

They do not race. Even though Todd loves racing, On Track Ministry is not a race team. They are at the track to focus totally on helping, and reaching out to others in the name and love of Jesus Christ.

Their primary way of reaching out to racers, crewmembers, and race officials is by building friendships. The Shaw's earn the right of friendship in many different ways: praying with people, by simply talking with them, and especially helping them out in times of crisis (this aspect has been extremely helpful in reaching these friends for Christ).

"It is a real comfort to know that God has put in place folks like the Shaw's to be available at the race tracks to provide for the spiritual needs of the race drivers and their families. It brings peace to me, mother of a race driver, just knowing that these Godly people are not only praying for the drivers and crews at the track but that they continue to pray for them away from the track. God is such an awesome God to grant us grace and mercy in the midst of all our concerns. Thank you, Shaw's, for answering God's call!"

~Pam Boas, mom of NASCAR champion Tony Stewart

Following their Saturday service Country/folk singer Greg Ellingsworth will perform on stage and fresh barbequed chicken dinners will be available from Milford' Department of Parks and Recreation. On Sunday from 10:30 am to 11:30 am the Shaw's will hold another worship service.

In addition to kart racing spectators will be treated to Pocket Bike Races both days. For more information or to pre register call the Chamber office at 302.422.3444.

By: Bruce C. Walls

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