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By Bruce C. Walls - Special to Motorsport.com CHESTERTOWN, MD-Rain canceled half of the Maryland Sprint Divisional's third round at Nicholson Speedway in Chestertown, MD, but Saturday July 28th saw plenty of action on the 1/4-mile paved road ...

By Bruce C. Walls - Special to Motorsport.com

CHESTERTOWN, MD-Rain canceled half of the Maryland Sprint Divisional's third round at Nicholson Speedway in Chestertown, MD, but Saturday July 28th saw plenty of action on the 1/4-mile paved road course.

Feature racing began with Stevensville, MD based Motor Head Racing Engines powered Todd Wieslander on Briggs Heavy's pole. Wieslander lead the 15-racer field during the first four laps, then Washington, NJ based Eric Garland grabbed it in the hair pin. As Garland took the lead Baltimore, MD racer Dan Koehler captured second. Garland shook off Koehler's challenges and in the final laps Wieslander recaptured second, but he couldn't catch Garland before the checkered flag waved.

"I had to get by him (Wieslander) when I had the chance," said Garland, who pilots a Garland Racing Engines powered Genesis kart. "The kart felt real good and the motor was awesome."

Koehler came in third and was followed in the top five by Rat Powered Wall, NJ racer Jace Reynolds and Justin Cassity.

Ocean Pines, MD based SuperTech Racing Engines powered Coyote kart pilot Trente Robertson earned Briggs Junior Lite's pole. The 12-year-old racer surrendered the lead to Chris Braun and then recaptured it in time to take the win.

"I just fell off and then got the speed back," Robertson said. "The kart felt like it was the best it's ever been and Kevin Colborn's motor was strong."

Braun held second and was followed in the top five of 10 by Jeff Yannetta John Kennedy, IV and William Stairiker.

Braun, of Belair, MD, bagged Briggs Junior Heavy's win over Chris Meredith. Braun started on the pole and hustled into the early lead with Steve Ward in hot pursuit. Ward and Robertson drafted by Braun for the top two spot just before the mid race signal was shown. Meredith held the lead under the white flag followed by Braun, but next time around it was Braun's GT Machine powered Bandit Road Runner kart in charge of the 12-racer field for the win. Meredith made second, Kennedy captured third, Dana Lail finished fourth and Stairiker finished fifth again.

"Once he (Meredith) got by me he got a little bit ahead and I chased him down," said the 14-year-old winner. "I caught up with him and had enough power to pass him. The kart ran real good and the motor had lots of torque."

Mohnton, PA pilot Toby Parese posted Briggs Junior Sportsman-1 Lite's win. Anthony Maoriacci earned the pole with Parese starting next to him. Parese jumped into the early lead over the six-racer field. Keith Jackson captured a piece of the early going and then surrendered the front back to Parese near mid-race and Parese took it to the finish from there.

"I just went around him (Maoriacci) and stayed in there and didn't make any mistakes," reported the T&S Towing sponsored 10-year-old winner. "The Coyote kart handled real good and the GT Machine motor was real good." Rounding out the top five behind Jackson were Marinacci, Tyler Sandmeyer and Ryan Thompson.

Coyote karts factory driver Steven Axtell topped Briggs Junior Sportsman-2 Lite's five racer field. Russell Marinaci earned the pole and grabbed the early lead, but Axtell took it in the hairpin before the first lap was booked and show them home from there.

"The motor was fast pulling off of the turns and the kart was handling great," said the 11-year-old winner who is also a Robinson Speed Shop Team Driver. "I want to thank Jerry's Siding and Roofing, Eastern Homes and Craze Motorsports."

Filling out the field behind Marinacci were Zachary Cornelius, Justin Unruh and Matthew Amos.

Amateur Medium's flag waved for pole winner David Osborn, Jr. Frank Kelleher started on the outside of front row and captured the early lead from Osborn in the sweeper. Next time around Osborn was back in charge of the 10-racer field for good.

"Every thing was real even between me and him (Kelleher) and then I had somebody working with me at the end," said the Barclay, MD based SuperTech Racing Engines powered Coyote kart pilot. "The motor ran great and I want to thank Kevin Colborn for staying up all night to get it right it was worth it and I want to thank my dad for setting up the kart perfect."

Bruce Hamilton, Rich Yannetta and Justin Heavener rounded out the top five.

Milford, DE based Grotto Pizza backed Matthew Jester won Briggs Super Heavy over Dale Blades. "The Coyote kart just ran good all day," said Jester.

Paul Kennedy posted 100cc/Piston Port's win over Charles Pistorio and Josh Fraver scored Yamaha Master's win.

"The kart was beautiful. We finally got the right tires and everything worked better," Kennedy said.

According to Oxford, PA based Fraver, "The Mike Wilson kart worked great and once I saw the white flag I knew I could drive any line and win."

Round four of the Maryland Sprint Divisional Series will be raced September 15-16 at Sandy Hook Speedway in Sandy Hook, MD. Before that Nicholson Speedway will host a Club race Sunday September 9th. Also coming up on the Maryland Sprint Series schedule is the Milford, DE Street race, which will be held Saturday October 20th for practice, and features will be raced Sunday October 21st..

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