WKA: Maryland Divisional round two report

CHESTERTOWN, MD-Keith Jackson, Mike Osborn, Rowan Pennink and Tyler Sandmeyer earned double wins at Nicholson Speedway in Chestertown, MD May 17-18 during round two of the Maryland Sprint Divisional that drew140- racers to the 1/4-mile asphalt...

CHESTERTOWN, MD-Keith Jackson, Mike Osborn, Rowan Pennink and Tyler Sandmeyer earned double wins at Nicholson Speedway in Chestertown, MD May 17-18 during round two of the Maryland Sprint Divisional that drew140- racers to the 1/4-mile asphalt road course. Jackson, who swept two junior classes, was the first of the foursome to score a win taking Briggs Junior Lite's checkered flag ahead of Jeffrey Oleen after leading the 12-racer field wire-to-wire.

"The Coyote Wide Track was very good and the GT Machine motor was awesome they gave me the reason why I pulled out front. I'd like to thank my mom and dad they made everything possible, my grandparents and Dave Koehler of GT Machine for the motor," said the 12-year-old Oden, MD based double winner after his first trip to victory lane.

Sunday Jackson earned the pole in Briggs Restricted Junior, but when the green flag waved outside pole winner Paul Ward jumped into the early lead. Jackson ran him down and passed him before the mid race signal was shown and built a small advantage that he took across the finish line.

"That pass was pretty tough, but the GT Machine motor was pulling great for us," Jackson admitted. "He bobbled up down at the beginning of the shoot and I got a nice run on him. I just had to wait for the tires to come in at the beginning, but as soon as they came in it was great, as soon as we got out front we were able to pull away and then it got a little tight on me at the end."

Jackson was poised on Briggs Junior Heavy's pole, but as the front three battled three wide through turn one and into the sweeper Jackson lost it and Justin Burr emerged as the leader. Burr opened the lead from there and kept a comfortable distant ahead of second place Jessie Morrison for the win.

"I just put it in there and held it there," said the McLean, VA based SuperTech Racing Engines powered Coyote kart pilot. "We were going three wide there, but I came out on top and I'm happy I was looking for the win and it feels good, the kart and motor handled great. I want to thank my mom and dad they're always there for me, my mom came to watch me today and I'm real happy about that, she's great."

Barclay, MD based SuperTech Racing Engines powered Michael Osborn captured both Senior Sportsman classes Medium and Heavy with perfection. Dana Lail finished second in Senior Sportsman Medium and Rich Yanetta trailed him in Senior Sportsman Heavy.

"It feels great getting two wins this weekend," Osborn described, "A lot of people helped me along the way, Burke's Racing, Kevin Colburn, Matt and Terry Jester, my grandparents, my mom and dad, dad did a wonderful job of setting up the chassis and the motor was strong, it just took a lot from everybody and it really came through. I also want to thank G-Man Kartworks for the great bodywork."

Rowan Pennink posted wins in Limited Medium and Super Controlled. GT Machine backed, Charlotte, NC based Dan Koehler shot into Limited Medium's early lead from the pole and had Pennink in hot pursuit behind him as they pulled from the field for a fight for the front. On lap three Pennink passed Koehler at the end of the sweeper and built on his lead before taking the checkered flag.

"He (Koehler) was tough. It looked like he slipped up getting on the straightaway and I had just enough speed to get around him," explained Pennink of Huntington Valley, PA. "I want to thank Eric Garland for the engine and Tommy Triplett for the great Bandit chassis. The kart was great and I'd also like to thank Randy Burris for lending me the engine and I want to thank Thor Oil they're great oil to keep engines running."

Super Controlled started out to be another Pennink/Koehler battle, but before things heated up Koehler's machine developed mechanical problems forcing him from the race leaving second place to fellow GT Machine factory pilot Chris Braun who trail Pennink across the finish line.

"I got out in front at the start, I don't know what happened to Danny Koehler something must have broke," Pennink said. "I'd like to thank Thor Oil again, Bandit karts, Garland Racing Engines, G-Man Kartworks and my dad for helping me setup the kart."

GT Machine powered Coyote kart pilot Tyler Sandmeyer topped both Junior Sportsman-2 classes. Saturday the Gaithersburg, MD based double winner started on the outside of front row in Junior Sportsman-2 Lite. He and pole winner Toby Parese scrapped over the early lead and swapped it a couple of times before Sandmeyer got it for good.

"It was the GT Machine motor and the Coyote kart," Sandmeyer credited after his first win. "I want to thank my dad for setting up the kart and G-Man Kart Works for the great bodywork."

Sunday's Junior Sportsman-2 Heavy was a more intense battle with Sandmeyer starting on the pole. Sandmeyer hustled into the initial lead with outside pole winner Zachary Linsell on his tailpipe the whole ride. Linsell got a piece of the lead going into the hairpin, but Sandmeyer passed him back as they headed down the front straight entering turn one and held it to the narrow finish.

"He (Linsell) kept me busy out there, but I had the motor and the kart and I had the chance so I guess I took it," Sandmeyer said.

Annapolis, MD based DSS Motorsports powered Coyote kart pilot Will Allen won his first divisional race with perfection topping J R Petrella in Junior Sportsman-1 Lite. "It feels really good to win because I've never won a divisional before and I think it's great and I feel really good," said the nine-year-old winner. "The Coyote Wide Track worked really well it loosened me up a little and the motor did really well. I want to thank my dad because he's really doing good fixing up my kart and everything."

Zachary Deshaios was first under Junior Sportsman-1 Heavy's checkered flag, but was disqualified at tech and forced to surrender the win the Aaron Usilton.

Urbana, MD based Rat Powered Coyote factory pilot Justin Cassity captured Briggs Heavy's win over Pennink. Cassity earned the pole and hustled into the early lead with Pennink and Koehler scrapping over second behind him. Pennink secured second late in the race, but couldn't catch Cassity who cruised across the finish line.

"It was another good one, I guess," Cassity described. "I want to thank Jace Reynolds for the engine, Coyote for the karts, my dad for all of his help and my mom too. Even though they weren't here they do help me a lot with the racing and the financial part of it and that sort of thing so I really appreciate all of their help. Just a lot of good things came into play here with the kart working good and the engine working good, good tires and G-Man Bodyworks, it was just a lot of good things coming into a pretty good win."

Dennis Neal dominated Formula Yamaha Senior's four racer field leading wire- to-wire commanding a comfortable lead over second place Mike Simon at the stripe. "The Emmick kart handled really good it was smooth and the Comet motor ran real good it turned too many RPM's, but it still did it's job," said the Fredrick, MD based winner.

Simon showed the way in Yamaha Lite with Harold Lavere, Jr. and Michael Macek, Jr. following.

Clinton, MD competitor Paul Kennedy captured ICA's checkered flag over William McKeaver. From the pole Kennedy shot into the early lead and was never seriously threatened on his way to victory.

"It was running well today. I had some problems with the motor early on and ironed them out right before the heat race. It's a new DAP engine and everything seems to be working alright, I just wish there'd been a better turnout today."

Marco Partoli soloed the ICC Shifter win, as did Barry Housman, Jr. in Briggs Animal Medium.

Turner Racing Engines powered Answer kart pilot Kevin Miller, of Redding, PA, ended the Briggs Lite battle just inches ahead of his brother-in-law Jerry Quallio. Miller and Pennink shared front row and battled side-by- side the first time around. Next time around Pennink pulled into the lead coming out of the hairpin. Pennink owned the front for a short while and then Quallio and Miller drafted by him for the lead and on the next lap Miller slipped under Quallio in time to take the white flag and then the checkered.

According to Miller, "The kart started off really loose and it wasn't getting into the track and Rowan (Pennink) got by me and my brother-in-law Jerry Quallio got by me and then Jerry got by Rowan and I finally got up there and the kart came in and I was just waiting for the right time. I actually go into him a little bit the one time, but I just waited for my move and waited for the kart to come in and when it come in it wasn't too tight, it was just right and that's about it. Everybody raced clean and everybody did a great job. I want to thank Barry Housman, Jr. he helps out a lot and my sister Kimberly Quallio, Jerry Quallio and my dad, Kevin Miller."

Sliver Springs, MD based Bandit kart pilot Tom Fash owned every inch of asphalt in Briggs Super Heavy. From the pole Fash had Jeffrey Heverman hanging onto his tailpipe until just after the half way signal was shown and Heverman spun trying to pass Fash. Heverman gathered it back without loosing second, but by then Fash had a huge lead that he took across the stripe.

"Finally a race that I didn't have something screw up on me. He (Heverman) was working me, I felt him back there the whole time," Fash described, "This things handling great, we're getting ready for tomorrow, Huffy's motor was there, thank God I had that, I needed that one. I've also got to thank Justin Gumley and Doug McGriffin they got me moving again and Jeff (Heverman) you were there the whole time buddy."

Briggs Medium started with Koehler and Cassity sharing front row and Pennink starting in third. Koehler and broke out into the early lead while Cassity and Pennink battled wheel-to-wheel for second giving him a chance to extend his lead. Cassity secured second and worked his way by Koehler for the lead. Next time around Koehler recaptured the lead as Cassity fell back to fourth and Kevin Davidson moved up into a distant second in the final laps.

"That was a fun one, it was a real good race, real tight and I just got to the finish first," Koehler described, "I knew he (Cassity) was coming, I knew he was back there we just had to battle back and try to get back in front."

Comet Racing Engines powered CRG kart pilot Julian Vandersteur produced a perfect performance in Cadet Junior Sportsman leading the field from start to finish where he owned a comfortable lead over fellow CRG pilot Sergio Pena. "The kart handled fine, but it was the motor that was most important."

Later that day Pena, of Gainesville, VA, captured HPV Junior Sportsman's checkered flag with Fernando Angula and Vandersteur trailing him across the finish line. "I got a good start and they couldn't keep up with me," boasted the 10-year-old winner. "The kart handled good and the motor was good too."

Kenny Burke commanded Briggs Senior's pole, but one little mistake in the hairpin let Hyattstown, MD racer Robert Mitchell take the lead and the win. Bethesda, MD based GT Machine powered Coyote kart pilot Steve Trow took second and was followed in the top five of eight by Fash, Burke and Paul Quattrocchi.

"I want to thank mom, Danny Miller, R&R Motors, Coyote Chassis and everybody here that helped us. I was holding out waiting to see if he (Burke) was going to mess up, but he was running pretty good lines so I gave him a couple of taps to let him know I was coming and he let me go, it was a clean move on his part," said Mitchell.

Sandy Hook Speedway in Sandy Hook, MD hosts the next WKA/Maryland Sprint Divisional on June 14-15.

-Bruce C. Walls- Special Writer

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