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Vorrath Sweeps the Snap-on Grand Prix presented by Bridgestone Seattle, WA (May 22, 2006) -- The third round of the 2006 Snap-on Stars of Karting presented by the IRL combined television presence, record divisional entries, IRL...

Vorrath Sweeps the Snap-on Grand Prix presented by Bridgestone

Seattle, WA (May 22, 2006) -- The third round of the 2006 Snap-on Stars of Karting presented by the IRL combined television presence, record divisional entries, IRL cross-promotion, and one of the series' top venues to make for a great weekend of racing action northeast of Indianapolis. Thanks to support from series title sponsor Snap-on, and series tire supplier Bridgestone, Saturday's action at the event was filmed for broadcast on Speed Channel, and the action on the track will be sure to make for a great TV broadcast.

In the Cytomax ICC (shifter) class Matt Jaskol (Team OVRP.com Top Kart) looked to be the force to be reckoned with after taking the Zoombang Pole Award in Gatorz Pole Qualifying Saturday with a new track record of 1:00.838. However, a shift linkage failure while leading in his prefinal meant Jaskol would have to attack from the back of the pack in the final. Defending ICC East champion Kyle Wiegand (Team OVRP.com Top Kart) took the early lead in Saturday's final, however he was overtaken by 2004 Jim Trueman Memorial Award winner Jordy Vorrath (Leading Edge/Champion Intrepid). Vorrath would hold the lead for the duration of the race to take a convincing victory. Michael Vincec would cross the line second on a CRG but would be disqualified after failing to make the minimum weight at the scales hading the runner-up spot to Wiegand. Stuart Marsell kicked off an impressive weekend for the Arrow squad by taking the third position with Keith Spicer (Tony Kart) and Phil Giebler (G Phactory Champion Intrepid) rounding out the top five.

On Sunday, Jaskol once again looked to be the man to beat by breaking is own track record in Gatorz Pole Qualifying with a 1:00.387. In the final however, it would be Vorrath who once again would prove his dominance after swapping the lead early with Michael Vincec. The talented Canadian would hold onto the lead for the remainder to grab his third victory in the Cytomax ICC class in the last four races. Michael Vincec would prove that Saturday's performance was no fluke to finish second with Phillippe Gelinas (Sodi Kart) taking the last spot on the podium. MRP-Birel America's Wesley Boswell would take fourth with Phil Giebler charging up from 17th position to round out the top five.

The direct drive stars in ICA would put on some of the most intense racing of the weekend. Arrow's Christophe Boisclair would make his mark on the series by taking the Zoombang Pole Award in Gatorz pole qualifying. In the race however it would be Indiana's own Eric Morrow (Margay) and 2005 Jim Trueman Award winner Joel Miller (Tony Kart) who would battle it out for the top spot. In the end Miller would chase Morrow down to take the victory with Morrow in second. Johnny Johnson (Team OVRP.com Top Kart) would take third spot with John Mossey (Tony Kart) and Caleb Loniewski rounding out the top five to make two Margays in the top five.

On Sunday Miller would follow-up his victory by taking the Zoombang Pole Award in Gatorz Pole Qualifying. However, a tangle at the front of the pack in the final dropped Joel Miller and Eric Morrow to the back of the field and eliminate John Mossey (Tony Kart) and Chris Keller (Gillard) from the day's racing action. The race came down to a three-way battle between Jake Rozenweig (PSL Karting CRG), Boisclair, and Margay's Loniewski. Loniewski took a late apex into the final turn to get by for the lead and take the victory in one of the most thrilling finishes of the weekend. Boisclair took second and Rozenweig third. Joe Patterson (Kosmic) and Joel Miller would round out the top five.

The Spec Racer class saw Brandon Adkins (Margay) take pole but a broken chain in the prefinal meant he would have to start the main from the back. However, in one of the most impressive drives of the weekend Adkins would drive from last to first to take the victory. Iowa's own Adam Johnson (Top Kart) would take second with Matt Codalata book-ending the podium for Margay. Brandon Jones and Thomas Belli took fourth and fifth. Sunday was a similar story with Adkins taking the pole and the victory to put his stamp on the Spec Racer class for the weekend with Eric Gerrits (First Kart) second and Zach Beard third. Dion Von Moltke and Brandon Jones (Arrow) completed the top-five.

As always, the PCH Motorsports JICA class saw what could be considered the most heated battling of the weekend. Jordan Taylor (Kart Mini) would post quick time for in qualifying but be docked three positions for a Parc Ferme' Violation moving Mikael Grenier (CRG) to the first starting position. In the final Brett Smrz (First Kart) would move to the front and put on an impressive performance to take his first victory in the class. Chemill-Mercado Melendez would cross the line second but be disqualified for failing to post minimum weight. Jose Antonio Zanella (CRG) would then move up to second with Garrison Masters taking third on a CRG. Conor Daly (Team Cytomax Birel) and Arie Ouimet (CRG) rounded out the top-five.

On Sunday PSL Karting's Mikael Grenier would establish himself as the dominant force on the day by taking the Gatorz Pole award, Prefinal, and Final victories aboard his CRG. In what would be a CRG sweep of the podium Jose Antonio Zanella and Garrison Masters completed the podium with Richard Benitez ruining the CRG party in the top-five aboard his Kosmic as Jacob Neal (CRG) rounded out the top-five.

The long straightaways of the New Castle Motorsports Park made for some great drafting battles in the King Taco Cadet class. In qualifying Sebastien Ordonez and Spencer Pigot proved the quality of the new Mike Wilson built Juncos chassis by lining up 1-2. A breathtaking final saw Spencer Pigot lead a charging pack out of the last corner but end-up flipping after getting tangled with Jamie Ortega in the final run to the finish line. Gabriel Chaves (Nevoso) would take the win with Dylan Nobile in second (Nevoso) and Sebastien Ordonez in 3rd (Juncos). Nick Neri (Shockwave) and Cody Humphreys (KRT) would round out the top-five. Pigot would walk away uninjured from his wild ride but would drop to 26th in the final standings after an impressive drive.

On Sunday Gabriel Chaves would keep his form by taking the Gatorz Pole. Come race time however Spencer Pigot wanted redemption for his lost victory on Saturday and would charge to the front to take the lead. Oscar Tunjo Sanchez (Nevoso) and Dylan Nobile (Nevoso) took the 2nd and 3rd steps on the podium with Sean Rayhall (Kosmic) and Daniel Vela (CRG) rounding out the top-five.

In Saturday's Bridgestone Dash for Cash Matt Jaskol (Cytomax ICC), Jordy Vorrath (Cytomax ICC), Joel Miller (ICA), Christophe Boisclair (ICA), Brandon Adkins (Spec Racer) and Brandon Jones (Spec Racer) would all square off for a $1000 prize in six equally prepared machines provided by Easykart. Miller took the early lead, but would soon be passed by Vorrath. Boisclair however made his mark early in the weekend by charging to overtake the well-known Vorrath and pocket the $1000 provided by Bridgestone and made possible with hardware from Easykart.


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