WKA: Enduro Winter Nationals report

By Bruce C. Walls CONCORD, NC-Bret Spaude and Randy Fulks were triple winners at the WKA/Dunlop Tire National Enduro/Road Racing Series "Winter Nationals" raced March 9-11at Lowe's Motor Speedway in Concord, NC. Two of the 300 plus entrees...

By Bruce C. Walls

CONCORD, NC-Bret Spaude and Randy Fulks were triple winners at the WKA/Dunlop Tire National Enduro/Road Racing Series "Winter Nationals" raced March 9-11at Lowe's Motor Speedway in Concord, NC. Two of the 300 plus entrees earned double wins.

Bushnell, FL based Spaude scored wins in RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Junior Enduro Lite, Pudge Engineering Junior Sprint Lite and TS Racing, Inc. Junior Sprint Heavy. Spaude took Junior Enduro Lite's checkered flag with a lap advantage over second place Patrick Lawrence. "I took the lead right from the start and battled with Patrick Lawrence a little and then ran with the seniors (Yamaha Sportsman Medium 1) the rest of the time," described the 13-year-old TS Racing powered TS kart pilot. "The kart ran really good and the motor was excellent," he added.

Rounding out the field behind Lawrence were Florida racer Mark Burt and Ohio racer Scott Davis.

Later that Saturday Spaude nipped Massachusetts racer Andrea Gilder at Junior Sprint Lite's finish by .332-seconds. Following Gilder in the top five of nine were Alabama racer Adam Romito, Illinois based Josh Lane and Indianapolis, IN based Funkhouser factory pilot Scott Tomasik.

Sunday Spaude piloted his TS Racing powered PT-2 kart across Junior Sprint Heavy's finish with a three-lap advantage over Romito. "I need to work on my starts," Spaude admitted after Sunday's win. "But I got out early and broke away from Adam Romito and ran away from there."

Josh Lane took third, Jackson, NJ racer Justin Casazza finished fourth and Tomasik completed the top five of eight. Jacksonville, IN based TS Racing powered Margay kart pilot Randy Fulks ruled three classes, New Concepts Design Yamaha Lite, Custom Trophy B-Stock and Competition Karting, Inc. Yamaha Sportsman Heavy. In Yamaha Lite he narrowly edged out Ohio racer Richard Warren by just .038-seconds. Defending national champion Michael Casazza, of Jackson, NJ, finished third and was followed in the top five of 13 by Maryland based Michael Davis, Jr. and Illinois racer Brian West.

In B-Stock Fulks defended his national title beating former five time national champion Johnny Howard, of Baton Rouge, LA, to the finish by 6.589-seconds. Following Howard in the top five of eight were Jim Farr, Ronnie Jackson and Brian Zwart.

Fulks' third win came that Sunday when he nipped Scott Grenier by .563-seconds at Yamaha Sportsman Heavy's finish. Jackson took third, Mike Spear, Jr. finished fourth and Jim Ivanof capped the top five of 17. Jackson, a Birmingham, AL based CKI powered CKI kart pilot, posted a pair of wins that weekend starting with Horstman Yamaha Sportsman Medium where he was just .106-seconds ahead of Ohio racer Michael Davis. Grenier grabbed third and was trailed in the top five of 22 by Jim Fry and Brian West. "I won this one by luck," admitted the Custom Fiberglass of Alabama sponsored winner. "Four of us were out front and then there was three of us together and any one of us could have won this thing."

In another close contest Jackson beat Mike Spear, Jr. to KSF Racing Yamaha Sportsman Lite's finish by .474-seconds. This time Warren ran third and was followed in the top five of 17 by Fry and Travis Miller.

"That was a tough race," Jackson admitted. "First there were six of us out front and then five of us changing the lead every lap. I drafted by them on the front straight and held them off. The CKI kart ran great and the motor ran great. I just want to thank the Lord for a safe race."

Boynton Beach, FL based Scott Buerman bagged WKA Sprint Heavy and Kris Buerman Racing Engines Yamaha Spring Lite. Saturday he dominated WKA Sprint Heavy finishing 17.344-seconds ahead of Jason Knuteson. David Wolfe, David Bruinsma and Ronald Simpson rounded out the top five of 12.

After winning Saturday's final feature Buerman return to capture Sunday's first feature Yamaha Sprint Lite with an 11.586-seconds victory margin over Bruinsma. "I got a great start, took the lead on the first lap and then diced with Samantha Weakley and the Funkhouser group and then settled into the lead and took it to the finish," described the S&K Racing Bodies/Speed Com Communications/Kris Buerman Racing Engines sponsored double winner. "The kart was perfect all weekend and the motor was flawless. I'd also like to say a special thanks to Lines & Letters by Deb for her support." Weakley finished third and was followed in the top five of 14 by Shelby Chruchill and Wolfe. Saturday's second race had 19 ProSpeed Kartsports 125-Sprint #1 racers competing on the track with 13-WKA Sprint Lite racers leaving the grid from staggered starts. Egg Harbor Township, NJ Cyclone kart pilot Andy Kiker earned the 125-Sprint #1 race taking the final flag with a comfortable 35.617-seconds cushion over Florida racer Dan Bates. "I got a decent start and ran down the leaders and kept going," Kiker described. "The Power Source motor ran great and the Cyclone Kart was awesome."

A trio of Illinois racers trailed Bates for the remaining top five positions, Cory Clayton, Lance Lane and Blake Hansen. Manassas, VA based Cyclone kart pilot Mark Taylor topped WKA Sprint Lite with a .237-seconds advantage over Buerman. "I had a heck of a race with Buerman. We swapped the lead and at the end I got messed up with some lapped traffic and then I got him," said Taylor who builds his own Comer engines. "The kart worked like a top and the motor was strong and I finally got some breaks for a change."

Behind Buerman in the top five of 13 were Wolfe, New Smryna Beach, FL racer Ed Blair and Maryland racer Billy Shaw.

Michael Helton handled 100cc Controlled's nine racer field finishing 2.426-seconds ahead of Phil Jackson. Pierre Huang of Ohio came in third and was followed in fourth and fifth by Dan Stowell and David Norville. Funkhouser factory driver Jason Knuteson, of Indianapolis, IN, beat fellow Indiana racer Andy Hall to Piston Port Can Sprint Heavy's finish by just .398-seconds. Pennsylvania pilot Lee Danese took third and was followed across the stripe by Jason Birdshell who was DQ'ed at the scale. Taking the official fourth and fifth positions were Kent Weaver and Ronald Simpson. Three classes competed together in Saturday's fifth race. Besides Fulks taking B-Stock, Georgia based Jim Brannon bagged Unlimited-1 and Mike Spear, Jr. scored Open-1's win. Following Brannon were Kiker who was 9-laps down at the finish and Donald Jones who was 12-laps off the pace at the end. Travis Miller, of Virginia Beach, VA trailed Spears by 10.718-seconds and was followed across the finish by Huang Robert Idol and Bill Miller for the top five of eight. Miller avenged himself in the next race, Euro-5 Lite, beating Daniel Hart to that checkered flag by 40.600-seconds. Gene Feigel rounded out the three-racer field and then captured Sunday's win in Euro-5 Heavy with a .16-second advantage over Hart with Jackson filling third behind Hart.

Two other classes competed in Saturday's sixth feature. While Miller was showing the way in Euro-5 Lite Brain West was leading 14 Piston Port Can Lite racers across the stripe and Scott Grenier was doing the same in Russell Karting Yamaha Heavy. Barry Motsinger trailed West by .250-seconds and Jackson, NJ racer Michael Casazza took second in Yamaha Heavy by 19.391-seconds. Rounding out Piston Port Can Lite-1's top five were Michael Davis, Jr., Davis Somers and Randy Holewski. Capping Yamaha Heavy's top five of 11 were Ivanof, Mike Baldus and William Anderson.

Saturday's seventh feature had two classes competing together. Todd Demarchis, of Georgia, dominated Briggs Sprint Medium's 14-racer field while Florida racer Mark Burt ruled Elite Karting Briggs Junior Heavy's nine racer field. Jerry Turner took second in Briggs Medium and was followed in the top five by Rob Hindery, Sherry Tichenor and Jackson Berrier. Completing Briggs Junior Heavy's top five behind Burt were Sean Ballantine, Adam Romito, Scott Tomasik and Braedon Maurer.

Romito, of Opelik, AL, narrowly captured Sunday's second feature American Power Sports Junior Enduro Heavy edging out Burt at the stripe by .039-seconds. "I got a real good start and was behind Bret (Spaude) and then he had mechanical trouble and then Mark Burt drafted with me to the end and I got by him on the last lap," Romito reported. "The kart worked very well, it was a little loose, but it worked good and the motor was strong."

Patrick Lawrence, Donny Warren and Scott Davis filled the remaining top five positions.

Just .062-seconds separated Andy Hall and Kent Weaver at Piston Port Can Sprint Lite's finish. Taylor was close behind in third, Paul Shunkle finished fourth and Paul Szuba completed the top five 13.

Jerry Turner and Scott Tomasik were winners in Sunday's fourth feature. Turner topped Briggs Sprint Heavy's 15-racer field and Scott Tomasik, of Indianapolis, IN, beat Ballantine to CKI Trackside Briggs Junior Lite's finish by just .067-seconds. "I had a horrible start," admitted 13-year-old K&N Filters/Outerwears sponsored Tomasik. "I had good top end on the Vortex Power System motor and the Tomasik kart handled great and I ran em down got behind Sean Ballantine and got a good run on him on the big track on the last lap."

Behind Ballantine in third through fifth were Braedon Maurer, Dan Rossignol and Andrew Rossignol. Filling Briggs Sprint Heavy's top five were Todd Demarchis, Sherry Tichenor, Rob Hindery and Justin Disalvo.

Sunday's Bridgestone/Grand Products 125 Sprint-2 was captured by Corey Clayton who finished 32.459-seconds ahead of Don Bales. Eric Moody trailed in third, Wesley Lawson finished fourth and Michael Hickey capped the top five of 23.

At the same time B.J. Mihelcic led nine TS Racing Yamaha Sprint Heavy competitors across that finish. Michael Hamilton, Chris Tomasik, Paol Schunke and Jason Knuteson completed the top five.

Pierre Huang and Marc Paine shared wins in the event's final feature. Huang handled eight Elite Karting Controlled Limited raceers while Paine posted Unlimited-2's win. Michel Hickey, Paul Wazga Michael Helton and David Norville completed Controlled Limited's top five and Brannon, Jackson and Robby Harper rounded out the Unlimited-2 field.

Next up on the WKA/Dunlop Tire National Road Racing Series schedule are "Spring Nationals' which will be hosted by Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, SC April 6-8. Virginia International Raceway in Danville, VA will host the fourth race of the season June 1-3 and "Summer Nationals will be held at New Hampshire International Speedway in Loudon, NH and then the tour travels to legendary Summit Point Raceway in Summit Point, WV. Fall Nationals will be raced at Nashville SuperSpeedway in Nashville, TN and the season finale will be November 9-11 at Lowe's Motor Speedway in Concord, NC during the North American Karting Championships.

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