WKA: Delaware Dirt Divisional Champions crowned

SEAFORD-A dozen Sussex County, DE and seven Maryland kart racers were crowned champions in the WKA/Delaware Dirt Divisional Series and US 13 Kart Club Series during a banquet Saturday night (Feb 8th) at Seaford Fire Hall. Jordan Watson, of...

SEAFORD-A dozen Sussex County, DE and seven Maryland kart racers were crowned champions in the WKA/Delaware Dirt Divisional Series and US 13 Kart Club Series during a banquet Saturday night (Feb 8th) at Seaford Fire Hall. Jordan Watson, of Milford and Austin Hubbard, of Seaford were recognized as double class champions in the Delaware Dirt Divisional Series where racer's points are transferred to their national rankings.

Watson swept both Briggs Junior Restricted class championships, Lite and Heavy. "It took a lot of hard work and a lot of hard work and support from my parents," the 14-year-old Phantom Racing Chassis pilot said. "I want to thank Tod Miller Racing Engines for great motors, my parents, Jay Dahling, Richard Dix and my sponsors Regan's Auction, ReMax of Twin County and Watson's Auction," added Watson who has earned seven Divisional championships during his career.

Hubbard handled both Briggs Junior Sportsman-1 classes, Lite and Heavy in the Divisional series. He began the year piloting a Beef Performance Racing Engines powered Phantom Racing Chassis and then switched to a Moon Powered Shadow kart midway through the year.

"It takes good karts and good motors to win Divisional championships," said the 11-year-old double champion who was also crowned national champion in Briggs Junior Sportsman-1 Heavy. "I want to thank my family for all of their support, Hammer and Beef performance for building us good motors and I want to thank Phantom Racing Chassis and Shadow Racing Chassis for the karts."

Brandon White, of Lewes, was recognized as point's champion in Briggs Junior Sportsman Champ in a class that wasn't settled until the final race where White beat Hubbard to the finish for his third win out of six races.

"It takes a lot of hard work and lots of racing skill to win a championship at this level," said 10-year-old White, a three-year kart-racing veteran who pilots an Illusion Racing Chassis powered by a Moon Power racing engine. "I'll always remember the last race of the season because Austin Hubbard and I were tied in points and I had to beat him to get the championship and I did."

This season Hubbard and White step up to the Briggs Junior Sportsman-2 classes, Lite and Heavy and both will also be piloting more powerful Slingshot cars at local tracks as well. "Junior 2 will be more competitive for me this year," White predicted adding, "I really like the Slingshot it's more powerful."

Greenwood based WKRP Racing Engines powered Stinger kart pilot Ethan Stoeckel earned Briggs Junior Sportsman-2's title. "It took a whole lot of team work to win this championship," credited the 13-year-old champion.

Grotto's Pizza sponsored Matt Jester, of Milford, was crowned Briggs Stock Heavy Divisional champion. The 18-year-old racer posted three wins last season piloting an R&R Racing Technology powered Phantom Nemesis Racing Chassis and was recently recognized as a double national champion in the WKA/Horstman Gold Cup National Series and crowned a double champion in the Maryland Sprint Divisional Series this season.

"It took a lot of hard work, dedication and consistent finishes to win this championship." Jester said adding, "Winning the first race of the season was a great way to get the series started and gave us a lot of momentum for the rest of the year. I want to thank Grotto's Pizza for their support and to Huffy for great motors for this series and my mom and dad for their support."

Jester, who has been a national standout in the WKA/Horstman Gold Cup Series for the past three years, will be taking on a new challenge, the WKA/Ultramax Racing Chassis National Speedway Pavement Series where he hopes to earn the Triple Crown for leading three national championships in a series.

Salisbury, MD racer Bryan Bradford led the Limited points chase. "It took a lot of hard work and dedication," Bradford credited. "I want to thank Ronnie Robinson and everybody at Robinson Speed Shop for all of their hard work and support over the years and I want to thank Hab Nab Trucking, Industrial Pipe and Machine, Eastern Shore Forest Products and Shore's and Bradford Barber Shop."

Phantom Nemesis kart pilot Richard Hornsby scored the most points in Stock Lite. "It took a lot of hard work, dedication and good setups and a lot of help from my dad and I also want to thank Kevin Colborn for great motors," said Hornsby, of Pittsville, MD who scored five wins on his way to the championship.

Delmar, MD racer Jamie Lewis led the point's chase in Controlled Stock. "I want to thank Shadow Racing Chassis and Hammer Racing Engines for great karts, motors and support. I also want to thank Hubbard Boyz Motorsports, Upper Cuts Cut Tires by Hammer, Eric P. Shupe, Inc. and Therrell Racing Glass for their support and my crew which includes Hammer, my brother Austin, Uncles Ron and Eric, my cousin Kylene and my fiancé Jennifer."

Senior Champ's crown went to Clements, MD competitor Jason Brown. "It took a lot of hard work, patience and the right tires,' credited the Robinson Speed Shop sponsored Ultramax Racing Chassis pilot who added thanks to D&G Kustom for their support.

Matt Mobray, of Hebron, MD, was crowned Stock Medium champ. "It takes good people behind you who are willing to work hard to win a championship. I want to thank my brother Mike and Ace of Ace'N Race'N for great motors," said Mobray who posted three wins during the season.

Manchester, MD based Bryant Renfro earned the first ever Animal class championship in the Delaware Dirt Divisional Series. "It's pretty awesome being the first to get a championship in this class," said Renfro who pilots a Robinson Speed Shop powered Buller kart. "I couldn't have done it without sponsors like Riestown Auto and Manchester Auto Parts. It takes a lot of work and you have to be on your toes and never stop racing hard, but it's very exciting getting this championship."

In the US 13 Kart Club Series Bridgeville based Randy Wrotten won the Briggs Limited title piloting a Taz Power Racing Engines powered 1997 Phantom Stalker kart. "It took consistency and running steady," said Wroten. "I want to thank Taz Power Racing engines for great motors I couldn't have earned this championship with out them."

Ryan Chism, also of Bridgeville," bagged Junior Restricted's club championship. "It took a lot of consistent finishes," Chism credited, "I want to thank Sapp Racing Engines for great motors and Phantom Racing Chassis for a great Banshee kart."

Butch Tucker, of Milford, took Briggs Stock Medium's title driving a Robinson Speed Shop powered Phantom Banshee kart. "It was a rough class to be in last year it was very competitive and it took a lot of hard work and consistent finishes to win the championship," Tucker said.

Briggs Stock Lite's title was earned by Harrington based Ace'N Race'N Engines powered Phantom kart pilot Matt Layton. "Winning this championship took four years of hard work, team work and a lot of support from the shop," Layton said.

Delmar driver Cameron Mattox earned 11-wins in Briggs Junior Sportsman-1 to clinch that title. "It to a lot of good team work and good equipment," said the 10-year-old Hammer Racing Engines powered Shadow kart pilot.

Erika Hearn, of Greenwood, topped Junior Sportsman-2's point's chase. According to the 13-year-old HP Speed Shop power Phantom Banshee kart pilot, "it took a lot of hard work, determination, consistency and good sponsors like Post 28, Richard Pierson, Jimmy's Grill, Kenny Vincent, my mom and dad and Billy Cropper."

Laurel racers Buddy Mears and Ryan Walls took titles in Stock Extra Heavy and Stock Heavy. "This is a tough class with a lot of good drivers," Mears said "You have to have your stuff ready each and every week because anybody can win with the competition as close as it is in this class."

"It takes a lot of dedication and a good crew to come out here every week and have good consistent finishes," Walls described.

Also that night Ronnie and Becky Robinson were inducted in the Delaware Karting Hall of Fame.

Racers in the WKA/Delaware Dirt Divisional Series begin their six races 2003 season at US 13 Kartway in Delmar Saturday April 5th and US 13 Kart Club's season start Friday April 11th.

-Bruce C. Walls, Guest Writer

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