Tulsa Shootout results 2005-12-30

21st Annual Tulsa Shootout Heat Results: Yockey Earns Multi Pole TULSA, Okla. (December 30, 2005) -- The 21st Annual Tulsa Shootout presented by O'Reilly's and Brodix kicked off Friday at the Tulsa Expo Raceway with 1,097 entries from 35 ...

21st Annual Tulsa Shootout Heat Results: Yockey Earns Multi Pole

TULSA, Okla. (December 30, 2005) -- The 21st Annual Tulsa Shootout presented by O'Reilly's and Brodix kicked off Friday at the Tulsa Expo Raceway with 1,097 entries from 35 different states competing in 21 classes of Micros, Karts and Quads.

A total of 153 heat races were contested over the course of the day, including 73 Kart heats, 56 heats and qualifying races in Micros and 24 Quad heats, with 1,114 laps of green flag racing.

Fresno, California's Stan Yockey, defending race winner in the 600-cc Multi class of Micros, earned the pole position over a record field of 123 Multis. After a runner-up finish in his Heat Race, Yockey charged from seventh to make a late-race pass of Gregg Dillion to win his Qualifying Race, accumulating enough points in the process to earn the pole position for Saturday night's feature.

Sprint Car standouts Terry McCarl and Danny Lasoski both find themselves in "C" Main action after struggling through Multi prelim action.JThe pair locked horns in the fourth heat race, with Lasoski's second spin a result of contact from McCarl. McCarl stopped on the track moments later and was sent to the pit area for causing a second unassisted caution.

While McCarl missed the cut for Qualifying Race action, Lasoski advance to third until a final corner tangle relegated him to eleventh in his Qualifier. McCarl starts in the fifth row of the First "C" Main, with Lasoski in the second row of the Second "C" Main.

Semi-Features for all classes will get under way at 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning, with the main events for the 21st Annual Tulsa Shootout presented by O'Reilly's and Brodix beginning at 6:00 p.m. Saturday evening.

Friday Tulsa Shootout Results:


600cc Multis (123 entries)

Heat Races (Top 60 in Passing Points to Five Qualifying Races; balance to Saturday's C's, D's and E's):

Heat Winners: Stephen Sanchez (Flagstaff, AZ), Kara King (Vienna, IL), Zack Gigot (Garden City, KS), David Chilcoat (Jenks, OK), Kevin Bayer (Broken Arrow, OK), Kenny Nilfis (Springville, IN), Chad Boat (Phoenix, AZ), Josh Most (Red Oak, IA), Brady Bacon (Broken Arrow, OK), Montie Frey, Jr. (Owasso, OK), Jared Wilson (Skiatook, OK), Austin Laskey (Tulsa, OK), Chris Windom (Canton, IL), Rodney Stealy (Lakeville, IN), Scott Sawyer (Broken Arrow, OK).

Qualifying Races (Six-car inversion -- Top 16 in combined Passing Points from Heats and Qualifiers to Saturday's "A" Main; balance to Saturday's B's and C's):

Qualifying Race Winners: Nate Lauderbaugh (Kokomo, IN), Stan Yockey (Fresno, CA), Zack Gigot (Garden City, KS), Brandon Carey (Ripon, CA), Montie Frey, Jr. (Owasso, OK).

Top 16 in Combined Points to "A" Feature (Balance of field from Twin "B" Mains): 1. Stan Yockey (Fresno, CA), 2. Nate Lauderbaugh (Kokomo, IN), 3. B.J. Fay (Claremore, OK), 4. Zack Gigot (Garden City, KS), 5. Brandon Carey (Ripon, CA), 6. Montie Frey, Jr. (Owasso, OK), 7. Jared Wilson (Skiatook, OK), 8. Andrew Peters (Greentown, IN), 9. Rodney Stealy (Lakeville, IN), 10. Jonathan Hendricks (Fortville, IN), 11. Dustin Morgan (Collinsville, OK), 12. Brady Bacon (Broken Arrow, OK), 13. Scotty Smith (Middletown, DE), 14. Austin Laskey (Tulsa, OK), 15. Kenny Biro (Bargersville, IN), 16. Dean Alexander (Visalia, CA).

"A" Class (95 entries):

Odd Pool Heat Race Winners: Jeremy Scott (Sand Springs, OK), Michael Wickham (Ramona, OK), Rob Carter (Tulsa, OK), Ronnie Smith (Peralta, NM), Scott Sawyer (Broken Arrow, OK), Jason Dent (Kirbyville, MO).

Even Pool Heat Race Winners: Jared Wilson (Skiatook, OK), Todd Kimmel (Avon, IN), Steven Shebester (Pauls Valley, OK), Chris Berreth (Tulsa, OK), Aaron Reutzel (Clute, TX), Matt Covington (Glenpool, OK).

Non-Wing (97 entries):

Odd Pool Heat Race Winners: Andrew Peters (Greentown, IN), Jonathan Halford (Tulsa, OK), Jared Wilson (Skiatook, OK), Patrick Haynes (Bradley, IL), Josh Toho (Hinton, OK), Ronnie Smith (Peralta, NM).

Even Pool Heat Race Winners: Dean Alexander (Visalia, CA), Matt Ward (Tahlequah, OK), Cody Cothran (Wichita Falls, TX), Rodney Stealy (Lakeville, IN), Brady Bacon (Broken Arrow, OK), Donnie Crawford (Broken Arrow, OK), Chris Andrews (Sapulpa, OK).

Restricted "A" Class (54 entries):

Heat Winners: Tyler Edwards (Salina, OK), Raio Morgan (Fresno, CA), Ricky Williams (Clinton, OH), Natasha Cox (Casey, IL), Cody Baker (Lone Jack, MO), Andrew Felker (Carl Junction, MO), Blake Hahn (Sapulpa, OK).

Junior Sprints (28 entries):

Heat Winners: Blake Hahn (Sapulpa, OK), Cameron Stewart (Paducah, KY), Morgan Moore (Oklahoma City, OK), Cody Jarvis (Yukon, OK).


Junior I (38 entries):

Heat Winners: Cayden Carter (Oskaloosa, IA), Jake Blackhurst (Farmington, IL), Reggie Moe (Prescott, WI), Alex Stumpf (Menasha, WI), Trevor McKern (Marion, IA).

Junior II (56 entries):

Heat Winners: Brett Moffitt (Grimes, IA), Chance Latiolais (Yangsville, LA), Brandon Beckendorf (Danube, MN), Thomas Liechti (Omaha, NE), Johnny Whitman (Depere, WI), Blake Mull (Stawn Plains, TN), Justin Carver (Atoka, TN).

Super Junior II (54 entries):

Heat Winners: Bryce Jewell (Madisonville, KY), Trenton Beckinger (Evansville, IN), David Davidson, Jr. (Hall, TN), Skylar Prochaska (Lakefield, MN), Justin Carver (Atoka, TN), Anthony Kopp (Bismarck, ND), Johnny Whitman (Depere, WI)

Junior Animal (31 entries):

Heat Winners: Trenton Beckinger (Evansville, IN), Justin Johnson (Olathe, KS), Ben Stumpf (Menasha, WI), Jeremy Lile (Higginsville, MO).

Stock Light (64 entries):

Heat Winners: Kyle Lentz (Green Bay, WI), Morgan Blalock (Madison, AL), Casey Skyberg (Black Hawk, SD), Mike Halliburton (Columbia, MO), Ken Murphy (Kansas City, KS), Eddie Brose (Mitchellville, IA), Joey Lile (Higginsville, MO), Jody Krug (Tecumseh, KS).

Stock Medium (82 entries):

Heat Winners: Chris Marrant (Richmond, MO), Cameron Koopman (Brewster, MN), Casey Skyberg (Black Hawk, SD), Aaron Marrant (Richmond, MO), Jody Krug (Tecumseh, KS), Scott Bajer (Mechanicsville, VA), Justin Lindsey (Columbus, MS), Chad Waller (Traer, IA), Byron Parrish (Decatur, AL), Darrell Johnson (Vinegrove, KY), Eddie Brose (Mitchellville, IA).

Stock Heavy (67 entries):

Heat Winners: Ronnie Binkley (Calvert City, KY), Scotty Bajer (Mechanicsville, VA), Eddie Brose (Mitchellville, IA), James Polmonari (Memphis, TN), Justin Kern (Grimes, IA), Kenny Lovins (Blytheville, AR), Aaron Marrant (Richmond, MO), Billy Alley (Lincoln, NE).

Animal Medium (43 entries):

Heat Winners: Tom Spanel (Lincoln, NE), Casey Skyberg (Black Hawk, SD), Barnaby Simon (Tyler, TX), Kevin Swindell (Bartlett, TN), Chad Waller (Traer, IA), Tanner Bohlen (Hortonville, WI).

Animal Heavy (44 entries):

Heat Winners: Dave Williams (Charlotte, NC), Tom Spanel (Lincoln, NE), Tanner Bohlen (Hortonville, WI), Barnaby Simon (Tyler, TX), Mike Halliburton (Columbia, MO), Justin Lindsey (Columbus, MS).

Blue Wazoom (21 entries):

Heat Winners: Brian Bauer (Fargo, ND), Dane Williams (Charlotte, NC), Casey Skyberg (Black Hawk, SD).

Yamaha KT 100's (29 entries):

Heat Winners: Ralph Woodard (Omaha, NE), Chuck Clark (Carbone, IN), Tony Schill (Oakdale, MN), James Shedd (Shawnee, KS).

Run What Ya Brung (34 entries):

Heat Winners: Corey Forsythe (Carlisle, IA), Teddy Headrick (Scottboro, AL), Justin Parrish (Indianola, IA), Jason Gibb (Redmond, WA),


Open Pro (28 entries):

Heat Winners: Gregg Bakker (Sioux Falls, SD), Danny McGraw (Hale, MO), Daryl Rath (Hutchinson, MN), Michael Coburn (Garretson, SD), Derick Clark (Eldon, IA).

250cc Pro (27 entries):

Heat Winners: Dustin Clark (Eldon, IA), Brad Covington (Batesville, AR), Brent Kuik (Sioux Falls, SD), Gregg Bakker (Sioux Falls, SD), Thad Martin (Batavia, IA).

Open Amateur (39 entries):

Heat Winners: Chad Boone (Great Bend, KS), William Scalisi (Clay, NY), Todd Harrell (Coweta, OK), Terry Cain (Tonkawa, OK), Bob Taylor (Lindale, TX), Brian Stacy (Muskogee, OK), Chase Bunker (Lonoke, AR).

250cc Amateur (41 entries):

Heat Winners: Tyson Collins (Hitchita, OK), Chad Olson (North Branch, MN), Coy Burton (Billings, MO), Todd Harrell (Coweta, OK), Josh Lamar (Richmond, MO), Andrew Bullard (Kansas City, MO), Chase Bunker (Lonoke, AR).


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