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Gidley Sets New Track Record At Pro-Kart North Race ...

Gidley Sets New Track Record At Pro-Kart North Race #2

It may not have ended perfectly but it certainly did start that way as newly signed Factory Trackmagic Kart driver, and Grand Am Rolex series star, Memo Gidley, smashed the S3 Track Record at Infineon Raceway Pro-Kart North series race this past weekend being the first S3 driver ever in the 47 second bracket.

In such a quick change of events, it was announced last Tuesday that Memo Gidley, previous longtime TrackMagic driver, was back racing for the brand that all of his karting successes had come from, Trackmagic Karts. "For sure, to be back with Trackmagic is very emotional for me," said Gidley. "I would not have done it if I was not confident that new owner Mike Pickman, would be able to give me the tools to win races on the brand that means so much to me."

Gidley only first drove his new kart on Wednesday for a few laps before hitting the track on Friday for official practice day for Round #2 of the Pro-Kart Challenge No! rth series race. "It was a big challenge to try to get familiar with the set-up characteristics of a new kart in such a short amount of time," said Gidley. "But the kart was so fast right out of the box that I was very confident heading into the weekend."

On race day, Gidley looked to be the early favorite, setting the pace in practice with a best lap that was quicker than the previous weekend's pole sitter's qualifying time. And then in qualifying, Gidley smashed the S3 track record with a time of 47.941 on lap two of the seven minute qualifying session to be the first S3 driver ever in the 47 second bracket. "It was a good lap and I was so happy to be able to give this pole to Trackmagic," said Gidley. "It was a lot of work for everybody at Trackmagic to make this weekend happen and I was stoked for my mechanics, Taylor Joy, Ryan Perry and new Trackmagic owner Mike Pickman."

Because of qualifying, Gidley started firs! t in heat race #1. At the start he immediately jumped ou! t front and looked to be pulling away for a nice victory. Then the unfortunate mechanical failure when his shift arm broke and he was not able to finish the race. Unfortunately he would now have to start at the back for heat #2. Heat # 2 saw Gidley slice through the field to move up to finish 5th by the end of the ten lap race.

Because of his efforts, Gidley would now start fifth for the final. Gidley once again, leaped off the line and was inside third place as they rounded turn one. However, Gidley was squeezed to the inside locking wheels with another kart on his way to turn two. "I got a great launch at the start and when third place turned into me, locked wheels and lost us positions, I was not happy." Gidley, "Then because of this, I had to battle the drivers that just passed me for the next five laps. By the time I had cleared them, the leaders had pulled away too far to catch."

Gidley was able to bring his Trackmagic home in fourth, a nice job after battling back with the earlier problem. "It was not a perfect weekend but it was a very good weekend," said Gidley. "Even though a win would have been great, to grab the pole and new track record is a very positive sign of things to come for me and Trackmagic and I'm very excited for the future with them. I also had a good time battling all the other S3 Shifter drivers in the race, I frankly can't think of another place I would have rather been for the weekend."

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