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WKA's Pit Board - 11.04.2010 *** Daytona Dirt entry blank now online: 3 days of racing; Animal Heavy Money Race 11.04.2010 - WKA officials are proud to announce the online publication of the entry blank for the Daytona Dirt World...

WKA's Pit Board - 11.04.2010


Daytona Dirt entry blank now online: 3 days of racing; Animal Heavy Money Race

11.04.2010 - WKA officials are proud to announce the online publication of the entry blank for the Daytona Dirt World Championships Dec. 28-30 at Daytona Int'l Speedway. The much-anticipated entry blank will feature a change in format for the December festivities, going from two days of racing to three. Gone is a full day of practice as the event slowly reverts back to its form reminiscent of the Municipal Stadium.

While Daytona has always served as the pinnacle for dirt-kart racing, this year's version will also serve as the kickoff to the new Road To Daytona program incorporated by the organization. All winners in December will be locked in as guaranteed starters in their respective classes in the 2012 edition of the Daytona Dirt World Championships. Be sure and check out the Pit Board promoting new The Road To Daytona program.

As part of the festivities, each night's racing action will kick off with a salute to our 2010 national champions and top 10 finishers in their respective classes from this past season. Drivers will be honored on the podium on the Daytona Dirt Track infield before going up against the nation's best dirt racers.

Also on tap, positioned right in the middle of the three-day event will be a 20-lap Animal Heavy Money race paying $1,000 to the winner. The top five will be paid out in this blockbuster event.

As for awards for the other classes, a Daytona specific award will be presented to the top five in all classes, designating them as the ultimate top dog in this year's version of the Dirt World Championship.

A new tiered system of pre-entering has also been established. Be sure and look over the entry blank very carefully as much has changed going into the New Year. Twenty-two nationally recognized classes will be on stage at the World Center of Racing, including four Box Stock classes, as well as an exhibition race for the mighty Unlimited 2-cycle program.

To view the Daytona Dirt World Championship entry blank go here. www.worldkarting.com/downloads/eb-2011/Daytona_DS_1210.pdf


WKA announces Road To Daytona program for Dirt

11.04.2010 - WKA officials are proud to announce a new program for Speedway Dirt in 2011 titled The Road To Daytona, which will begin at the World Center of Racing, Daytona Int'l Speedway, Dec. 28-30 in Daytona Beach, Fla.

The now four-race program will no longer feature national points. Instead, this year's format will be more incentive driven, locking winners in the 22 nationally recognized classes at the four major races into the 2011 edition of the Dirt World Championships. Second- through ninth-place finishers in each event will receive automatic invitations to Daytona.

Despite the elimination of the points system, WKA divisional competitors will still strive to win their respective class titles, as divisional champions will also be locked into the field at Daytona.

Two of the four major races will be run in conjunction with divisional programs. Both Selinsgrove Speedway in Pennsylvania and Dumplin Valley Raceway in eastern Tennessee respectively will have a divisional race on the same weekend as the Road to Daytona events, giving drivers multiple opportunities in one weekend to win and lock themselves into Daytona.

But that's just part of the program. The Road To Daytona is for everyone, not just WKA competitors! Champions of major racing programs, such as Tri State, Maxxis Invitational Series, AKRA, King of the Clay, VDKA, NC/VA and many others will be extended invitations to Daytona annually.

It goes deeper than that. Champions from every dirt racetrack in the country, WKA sanctioned or not, will be extended invitations, as well as the opportunity to compete on center stage at Daytona. At the end of the day, one driver will stand on the top shelf of the podium, serving as your ultimate national champion!

One race, one shot at the top shelf.

The beauty of the program affords Joe Karter an opportunity to come to Daytona, lay his or her money down, and go beat the best of the best! To top it off, by virtue of winning the event, that driver not only just became the ultimate national champion, they just locked themselves into the next year's edition of the Dirt World Championships!

It's truly the best way of proving who the best of the best per class really is. And the journey toward The Road To Daytona kicks off in less than two months!

To view the format to find America's premier dirt champion, go here. www.worldkarting.com/downloads/eb-2011/2011.dirt.program.pdf


Dirt tire rules set for 2011

11.04.2010 - With the new Speedway Dirt format in place, along with the announcement of the Daytona Dirt World Championship festivities, WKA officials have also released the Tire Program for 2011.

Returning to defend its title as King of the Oval is Firestone. However, the change in schedule for 2011 will put Firestone to the test as Burris, Maxxis, Vega and Hoosier will make this a battle sure to go to the wire at the season's last event at Wheel Crazy Kartway in Johnsonville, S.C.

In keeping with the rule from 2010, drivers will be required to run one of these company brands specifically on the right side. Competitors may choose to run any tire on the left side, as long as they are from an approved manufacturer. Tires from the top three competitors will be charted at each event. If a driver in the top three is disqualified in post-race tech, that will not move the fourth place kart up for eligibility. The top three, no matter the outcome, will be recorded.

These rules will go into effect beginning at this December edition of the Daytona Dirt World Championships Dec 28-30.

-source: wka

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