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WKA's Pit Board - 10.26.2010 *** Speedway Pavement Series schedule set; one less race, Friday practice is back 10.26.2010 - WKA officials, in the midst of off-season planning for all series, have recently finalized plans for the upcoming...

WKA's Pit Board - 10.26.2010


Speedway Pavement Series schedule set; one less race, Friday practice is back

10.26.2010 - WKA officials, in the midst of off-season planning for all series, have recently finalized plans for the upcoming 2011 season for the Vega Speedway Pavement Series.

With the economic climate still a little challenging, several changes have been made that will hopefully enable many competitors, if not many newcomers to afford the 2011 version of the national schedule.

First on the list of changes was the downsizing of the national schedule from five events to four. The season will start off at the popular OCR Action Sports Park in Rougemont, North Carolina, April 1-3. The series will then take a two-month break before venturing to Chapel Hill Raceway June 24-26 for the first of two 2011 dates at the popular Humphrey, N.Y., oval. The traditional July date will be bypassed, as the series will then head to the BeaveRun Motorsports Complex in Wampum, Pennsylvania, for race No. 3 on Aug. 19-21. The finale, which will also serve as the series' Grand National event, will take place back at Chapel Hill Sept. 23-25.

Other changes/additions to the series will be the return of the Friday practice session for competitors. While time schedules still have yet to be finalized, the Friday Practice is scheduled to take place from noon - 5 p.m., instead of the traditional 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., thus allowing competitors plenty of time on the track Friday, yet not forcing them to have to be there Thursday evening.

Other items of note will be a major change in the class structure. Instead of the traditional Heavy and Lite classes, WKA will be incorporating a Final 1/Final 2 policy for the majority of the classes next year. The Briggs Lite class has been discontinued, with Briggs Medium and Heavy running a Final 1/ Final 2 program.

The final change to the program in 2011 will be the discontinuation of Divisional Transfer points. With many citing the increased cost of participating in both divisionals and nationals, combined with low kart counts on the divisional level, it was felt in the best interest of the competitors to make this move. Tracks will still have the ability to run a WKA recognized divisional program, thus still benefiting many participants who wish to get additional track time at certain venues prior to a national event.

Discussion has also continued with regards to the revival of the Briggs & Stratton 300 in the future. While many changes are being made for 2011, WKA officials are hopeful the rebirth of the most famous pavement race in the history of karting can be revived, as early as 2012, with possible modifications to the current Pavement structure, making it more incentive friendly for not only national competitors, but divisional programs as well.

The current class structure is being finalized and will be published next week.

To view the 2011 National Schedule go here. www.worldkarting.com/pg/visitors/2011_schedule.html


Throckmorton dedicates Dirt championship to Shane Byers

10.26.2010 - One of the most impressive performances on the 2010 WKA Briggs & Stratton Speedway Dirt tour came from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina's Chris Throckmorton, who scored six national wins on his way to the championships in Briggs Lite and Briggs Medium.

But Throckmorton's most inspiring act this year may have come off the track. Last week the 31-year-old racer phoned WKA offices to notify officials that he wants to formally dedicate his Briggs Lite championship to Shane Byers, a fellow South Carolina native Speedway Dirt racer who tragically lost his life in an ATV accident in January, only weeks after competing in the Dirt World Championships at Daytona Int'l Speedway.

Throckmorton and Byers were close, and 2010 double champion wanted to make sure fans and competitors knew Byers was on his mind every time he took the track this season.

"At Daytona, Shane came up while I was on the grid for Briggs Lite and handed me 50 cents," Throckmorton said. "He told me to stay focused out there and said to put the 50 cents in my seat because it's what he used for good luck. We had a good run and finished fourth in the race - not a win, but a confidence builder for sure.

"After we lost Shane, we had a 'in memory of Shane Byers' decal made with two quarters on it and stuck it on our kart's seat. Shane always supported us 100 percent and we want to dedicate the Briggs Lite championship to his memory. We really miss Shane and I would have loved to race against him in Briggs Lite and the other senior classes."

Byers was 13 when he lost his life. He had plans to run the full 2010 Speedway Dirt Series before making a future move to the senior ranks. His last WKA race came at Daytona in December 2009, where he drove a fine race to finish fifth in Briggs Jr Lite.


All national points now posted

10.26.2010 - Each of WKA's five national series' point standings is now posted on WorldKarting.com. Manufacturer's Cup and Gold Cup were the last series to become final due to the New Jersey and Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series running their season closers Oct. 16, 17.

Competitors have 30 days from the final points posting to dispute their position(s). To learn what day your series' points were posted as final, view the date in the national standings section toward the bottom of the WorldKarting.com homepage.

If you have points questions, e-mail Keith Shampine at keith@worldkarting.com or call him at 704-455-1606,

-source: wka

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