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WKA's Pit Board - 10.05.2010 *** WKA announces 2011 SFI/WKA Certified Technical Inspector Program 10.05.2010 - WKA announces the 2011 SFI/WKA Certified Technical Inspector Program. For the sixth consecutive year this program will...

WKA's Pit Board - 10.05.2010


WKA announces 2011 SFI/WKA Certified Technical Inspector Program

10.05.2010 - WKA announces the 2011 SFI/WKA Certified Technical Inspector Program. For the sixth consecutive year this program will be providing trained and certified technical inspectors for WKA national and divisional racing series events and master tracks. This program is designed to ensure consistency and competency in technical inspection and to recognize our technical inspectors for their proficiency and experience.

Following is the initial schedule for training and certification:

November 20: Syracuse, New York - 4-cycle and 2-cycle (At Parts Peddler Show)
December 11: Orlando, Florida - 2-cycle (At PRI Show)
January 15: Concord, North Carolina - 4-cycle
TBA: Englishtown, New Jersey - 2-cycle and 4-cycle (At Raceway Park)

Additional seminar locations and dates will be added based on demand. We've already had interest in additional seminars in the mid-west. For those interested in scheduling a seminar, contact Marie Borsuk, WKA General Manager at 704-455-1606.

These seminars are open to all WKA members in good standing. To register for a seminar, contact WKA Marie Borsuk. The cost of the seminar and certification examination is $125. The registration fee must be paid in advance.

In addition to being trained and certified to conduct technical inspection, there are added benefits to becoming certified. Contact information for all SFI/WKA Certified Technical Inspectors is available to all WKA divisional series and master track officials. This helps series and track officials identify inspectors for their events.

Members who wish to become certified as WKA Technical Inspectors will take the SFI/WKA Certification Examination at the conclusion of each seminar. Those passing the open book examination will receive a 2-year WKA/SFI Technical Inspector certification. (Those not passing the examination will have one additional opportunity to take the test.) Based on their technical inspector experience, those who pass the exam will be assigned a certification level.

Level 3 - Certified to lead technical inspection at WKA national, divisional and local events
Level 2 - Certified to lead technical inspection at WKA divisional and local events
Level 1 - Certified to lead technical inspection at WKA local events

WKA/SFI Technical Inspectors are certified for two years. Those inspectors who received their certification in 2009 must attend a seminar and take the examination again in 2011 to maintain their certification.

Inspectors who are certified at Level 1 and Level 2 may apply to move up a level at any time. To move from Level 1 to Level 2, inspectors must have some technical inspection experience. They must also attend at least two divisional or national events and demonstrate their skills by completing a full engine technical inspection under the supervision of a current Level 2 or 3 inspector. They must also demonstrate their ability to deal with competitors and show their knowledge of the protest and appeal process.

Level 2 Technical Inspectors can also apply to move up to a Level 3 at any time. To move from Level 2 to Level 3, inspectors must have extensive technical inspection experience at Level 2. They must attend at least two national events and demonstrate their skills under the supervision of a Level 3 inspector. They must also demonstrate their ability to deal with competitors and show their knowledge of the protest and appeal process.

It is important to note that the use of WKA/SFI Certified Technical Inspector credentials is limited to WKA sanctioned events and WKA master tracks only. Although WKA/SFI certified inspectors may work at non-sanctioned events, they may not use their credentials or their affiliation with WKA as part of their work at the non-sanctioned event. Promotion or use of the WKA/SFI certification at non-WKA sanctioned events may result in the loss of certification.


WKA announces 2011 safety apparel changes

10.05.2010 - The last 2010 WKA national event has concluded, and it's time to look ahead to changes for the 2011 Competition Year. The biggest change in safety apparel for 2011 is updated helmet specifications. Snell SA 2000 and M 2000 helmets are no longer legal. The specification has been updated to SA 2010 in go-karts and champ karts and M 2010 in flat karts only. Following are the specifications that will be published in the 2011 Technical Manual:

Snell Foundation Specifications Legal Until
SA and M 2005 12/20/2015
K 2005 12/20/2015
CMS 2007 (youth helmet) 12/20/2015
CMR 2007 (youth helmet) 12/20/2015
M 2010 (Go-karts only. Not approved for Champ Karts) 12/20/2020
SA 2010 Go-karts and Champ Karts 12/20/2020

SFI Specifications
24.1 (youth helmet) 12/20/2012
31.2a 12/20/2013
41.2a 12/20/2013
24.1/2005 (youth helmet) 12/20/2015
31.1/2005 12/20/2015
41.1/2005 12/20/2015
24.1/2010 (youth helmet) 12/20/2020
31.1/2010 Go-karts and Champ Karts 12/20/2020
41.1/2010 Go-karts only. Not approved for Champ Karts 12/20/2020

British Standards Institution
BSI A-type and A/FR-type BS6658-85

BSI helmets must have been manufactured in 2001 or later. Standard expires 12/20/2013

We have had inquiries about the ECE 22-05 Standard. This standard is being implemented in Europe and Great Britain for on-road motorcycle use. It is not being approved by many motorsports sanctioning bodies and will not be legal in WKA sanctioned events.

Although the "youth helmet" standards do not specify a precise age range, the helmets are intended for children and particularly for young, pre-pubertal children. They are not appropriate for adult drivers.

New for 2011 is a provision for helmet cameras. Helmet cameras are allowed as long as the attachment method does not render the helmet uncertifiable. Tape and Velcro are allowed. Holes for fasteners may not be drilled in the Snell or SFI test area. However, video (and photographs) will not be considered as evidence in protests and appeals.

Also new for 2011 is a requirement that all champ kart drivers in all series wear full fire resistant driving suits, driving shoes and racing gloves that have an SFI rating of 3.2 A1 or better. And remember, Impact Racing Products fire resistant suits manufactured prior to 2009 are not approved. If you have an Impact suit, check the labels. The date label must be punched from the factory with the date of manufacture. If the label in your suit does not have a date punched from the factory, return it directly to Impact Racing Products for recertification or replacement.


Gold Cup closes series, WKA national season at Camden

10.05.2010 - The Russell Karting Gold Cup Series brought its 2010 season to an end this past weekend with the GT Machine Grand Nationals at Camden, Ohio's G&J Kartway. With it, the WKA national season officially came to a close as only a handful of divisional races remain on the full 2010 WKA slate.

The fourth Gold Cup national of the season saw a rare occurrence in that no racer drove to more than two victories at G&J's half-mile sprint course.

A factor in the lack of domination at Camden may have been the weather. Persistent rain Saturday meant the entire day's program was run in the wet. Sunday dried out, but temperatures remained cold and high winds made it slightly uncomfortable conditions for racing in southwest Ohio.

Gary Lawson was one of three double winners. The Mentor, Ohio, driver prevailed in Briggs Medium and Custom Trophy Briggs Heavy, winning both features over fellow Buckeye State driver Ryan Phillips. Dylan Zobkiw finished third in both affairs.

In the junior ranks, Jacob Zellner and Michael Fauci visited victory lane twice. Zellner swept the Briggs Sportsman 1 divisions, winning Baker Racing Engines / Performance North Sportsman 1 Lite and Sportsman 1 Heavy. Zellner bested Johnny Smith for the win in Lite and triumphed over Jake Lutz in Sunday's Heavy main.

Fauci had a terrific weekend at Camden. The Brockport, N.Y., shoe was victorious in Beasley Motorsports / Arrow Karts Briggs Rest. Jr and Briggs Jr Medium. Fauci won over Skylar Robinson in both mains. He also finished second to Chris Wells in Briggs Jr Heavy. Wells' win marked his best run of the weekend; he also finished top five in Jr Lite and Jr Medium.

Connor Brown and Skyler Locklear split the Briggs Sportsman 2 features. Brown earned the American Power Sports Sportsman 2 Lite win over Douglas Barnes Jr. and Dustin Demattia. Locklear led the way in Thor Oil Sportsman 2 Heavy over Demattia and Barnes.

Robinson entered the weekend with a shot at four class championships. The Georgia driver, who also runs WKA's Manufacturer's Cup Series, found the top step on the podium only once in Digatron Briggs Jr Lite, but Robinson did finish second in Rest. Jr and Jr Medium, which may have been enough to earn him the Triple Crown. Point standings will be tallied later this week.

Coyote Motorsports owner Jim Lipari picked up his first and only win of the Gold Cup season with a victory in the class he sponsors, Briggs Lite. Lipari won over Zachary Linsell and Andrew Orr.

Steve Roberts was one of a few who traveled north from his Georgia base, and he won Briggs Masters Medium over Chris Harding. In Sunday's Masters race - Target Distributing Masters Heavy - Harding netted his second runner-up finish of the weekend, this time to Hamlin, N.Y.'s Tim Stiefel, who won his third race in a row in the class.

Brett Farmer, who has won at least three features per race in the first three nationals of the season, had his worst weekend of the year at Camden. He still scored one feature win in Briggs Animal Mod Medium, but finished second to David Calabrese in Animal Mod Heavy. Farmer's only other top five (in national classes) came in Briggs Lite, which saw him finish fourth. Calabrese's win marked the first and only time Farmer was beat in the Animal Mod divisions all season.

Scott Kleman scored his biggest win of the season with a triumph in the Animal Heavy Money Race. Kleman won the 30-lapper over Farmer and Dylan Zobkiw. Kleman's victory marked the first time neither Farmer nor Lawson won the Gold Cup Money Race the two years the series has been running the Friday night event. Lawson did not enter the race.

Connor Lund bested Paul Rice in Briggs Super Heavy, while Kaytlyn Fauci won both Briggs World Formula mains. Kaytlyn's young brother, Nick, was the only Performance North / Baker Racing Engines Kid Kart participant.

To view unofficial results from the GT Machine Grand Nationals at G&J Kartway go here. www.worldkarting.com/pg/series/gc/2010/gc-camden.html


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