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WKA's Karting Scene enters a new era 01.22.2010 -- After more than 37 years of printing a magazine, WKA's Karting Scene is entering a new era in 2010. With the improvements in today's technology and the increase in printing costs, after ...

WKA's Karting Scene enters a new era

01.22.2010 -- After more than 37 years of printing a magazine, WKA's Karting Scene is entering a new era in 2010. With the improvements in today's technology and the increase in printing costs, after careful deliberation the Officers and Trustees agreed it was time for us to follow suit of many publishers and take our magazine online. This new method of delivering the Association's magazine to its membership and others will bring with it many enhancements that were never possible by way of traditional printing methods.

The new format will not only improve delivery time by eliminating the need to wait on the postal service, it will allow for a fully interactive experience for the readers and advertisers alike. Readers will now be able to perform an electronic search of the magazine to find just what they are looking for within an article, a magazine, or in past issues. See a cool photo, but you want a better look? Zoom in and see what you were missing when reading the magazine via the traditional printed method.

Members and subscribers will receive 12 interactive digital issues per year, and WKA master members will receive the 12 digital issues plus two bonus issues: the Champions Year in Review (formally known as the Champions Edition) and the WKA Technical Manual.

With this change to a digital magazine also comes a lower subscription rate of only $9.95 for non-members. Subscribers who wish to receive the WKA Technical Manual as a part of their subscription can sign up for a special subscription offer that will get them all 12 digital issues plus the WKA Technical Manual at a discounted price of only $27.95. To let everyone get their feet wet with the new digital magazine, we will be offering the first few online issues at no charge to all.

The 12 digital issues will continue to provide official event coverage from WKA national events, but due to the fact the magazine is not being printed in the traditional fashion, we will be able to bring our readers more photos and expand some on our event coverage. In time, we will be bringing back some content that we were forced to remove in order to save on printing costs, such as human-interest articles and technical stories that in the last few years we had minimal room for. Some content that was formally found in the magazine will only be available via the Web site as it was being duplicated in the past (on the Web and in the magazine).

The Champions Year in Review, which is printed in the spring of 2010, will be similar to what readers experienced in the past, but in 2011 we are planning on many improvements so we can showcase our national and divisional champions in a fashion befitting a champion, plus our special award recipients and more. This special printed publication will truly become a keepsake issue that is certain to be read through time and time again. This special publication will also give WKA's Karting Scene advertisers the greatest long-term exposure of any publication we produce to showcase their business.

The WKA Technical Manual is our second special printed publication, and it's released in the fall of each year. WKA members and subscribers who take advantage of the special subscription offer and those who purchase the rulebook separately will find a somewhat simplified publication with its focus on the rules and regulations, plus there will likely be some additional technical content that can enhance a competitors experience on the track.

Mailings will be sent out to current subscribers whose subscriptions expire in the coming months of 2010. Since these subscribers have not received all of the 12 printed issues they originally purchased, generous offers will be made to fulfill these subscribers of their $19.95 purchase. These offers will be expressed in the mailings.

While it's difficult to say goodbye to the 12 printed issues of WKA's Karting Scene, we're hoping members and subscribers find the new online version of the magazine worthy of their time and reading. We're confident that if you simply give the digital version a chance, you'll learn to appreciate the technology and convenience it offers.

We invite you into this new experience with us, and remember, at least the first two issues of the digital edition are free. We'll kick things off with an online reprint of the Dec. 2009 issue followed by a new January 2010 edition, which will feature coverage from the Speedway Dirt, Road Racing and Manufacturer's Cup events at Daytona KartWeek.


New advertising rates offer tremendous exposure in a new cutting edge format

01.22.2010 -- WKA's Karting Scene's (WKS) new interactive digital magazine format offers exciting options to promote your brand, create more & better sales leads, and engage customers on a deeper level. WKS now offers both print and digital editions of its publication. By expanding to digital delivery for most of the overall circulation, we can now increase our reach and capture a wider audience in a more environmentally friendly manner, serve readers in exciting new ways here and abroad, and offer advertisers more value and several new cost-effective marketing solutions.

The dynamic blend of print and the digital magazine offers advertising partners a most potent marketing punch that results in a sum that's greater than its individual parts and presents efficient new opportunities to connect with the karting market's most active readers and buyers, as well as all those new people entering the sport. What's more, WKS advertisers now get greater value with both print and digital edition ads (including active links) at new low rates! Advertisers will be able to take readers directly from the pages of the magazine to their Web sites with one click; again something that was impossible by way of the traditional printing methods. In the future, advertisers will benefit from the ability to insert video into advertisements.

WKS's cutting edge digital editions also afford advertisers the unique opportunity to optimize their marketing, branding and sales messaging in future editions with optional video, audio, flash, instant lead collection, custom surveys, and other interactive features side-by-side with our editorial content and design package that readers have come to love. An overview of these new digital advertising enhancements will be announced in the near future.

When compared to basic website advertising, opening and browsing a digital magazine represents a deeper commitment on the part of the reader than simply visiting a web page alone. Where website browsers nibble at snacks of content, the digital edition is more like consuming the main course dinner - with dessert! Digital edition readers are more immersed and engaged with advertisers' brands as WKS guides them through interactive rich-media content. Advertisers can now cost-effectively create a vibrant brand experience for their customers and prospects while positively impacting sales performance.

Advertisers, now is the time to save money on advertising with our new advertising rates. You can now save up to 20% or more on advertising in our new digital publications. And as usual, you can save even more money with frequency discounts. So contact Marie Borsuk (marie@worldkarting.com) or Mike Traylor (wkamag@worldkarting.com) at the WKA office (704.455.1606) right away so you can benefit from 12 months of advertising at a tremendous savings. The deadline for our first digital edition is upon us! Do not waste a second to contact us. Also, watch WorldKarting.com for updates to possible special offers that can earn you even more savings on advertising in WKA's Karting Scene and on WorldKarting.com.

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