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WKA's Pit Board - 01.14.2010 *** WKA awarded FIA / ACCUS Grant to develop Race Official Training and Certification program 01.14.2010 -- The Automobile Competition Committee for the United States (ACCUS) has just notified World Karting ...

WKA's Pit Board - 01.14.2010


WKA awarded FIA / ACCUS Grant to develop Race Official Training and Certification program

01.14.2010 -- The Automobile Competition Committee for the United States (ACCUS) has just notified World Karting Association President Rick Dresang that the WKA has been awarded a matching financial grant. The purpose of this grant is to develop and deliver a comprehensive training and certification program for WKA members involved in track, event, and series management. The grant will come from the FIA Motor Safety Development Fund. The focus areas of the FIA Fund are Officials Safety Training, Young Driver Safety, and Facility Improvement.

According to President Dresang, "WKA's proposal to the FIA expanded on these areas to address several additional issues common to our Master Tracks and Divisional Series. The training will help WKA implement its mission to provide safe, fair, consistent, fun and affordable racing for its members and strengthen its Master Tracks and Divisional Racing Series. It is the events held at our Master Tracks and in our Divisional Racing Series that provide the foundation of the WKA and the majority of the Association's racing activities."

Managing the program is WKA's Technical Director and Vice President, Dan Stowell. Stowell reports that the training will be professionally developed during 2010 and delivered at trade shows beginning with the 2010 PRI show in December 2010. The first step in the program will be to contact race officials at WKA's Master Tracks and Divisional Series during January. The officials will be asked for their suggestions for specific areas to include in the training. They will also be asked to submit their own "best practices" to be included in the program.

During the second year of the program, the materials originally developed for the seminars will also be used for online Internet-based training. Delivering the training through the Internet will allow WKA members the opportunity to be trained and certified without having to travel to the trade shows where the seminars will continue to be held.

As part of the training program, the Safety Foundation, Inc. (SFI) will develop a certification program for the seminar participants. SFI has already been working with the WKA for the past four years to certify 2-Cycle and 4-cycle technical inspectors. Having certified race officials will improve the quality events held as part of WKA's Divisional and Regional Series and at WKA's Master Tracks. It will also help improve the business operations of the clubs, tracks and promoters that sponsor and conduct these events.

It is important to recognize that WKA's proposal was one of dozens submitted by racing organizations around the world, and it is the only U.S.-based karting organization to receive an FIA grant. President Dresang concluded that, "WKA has been planning for race official training for two years, and the FIA grant provides much of the funding necessary to do the quality job that the WKA Board of Trustees has requested."


WKA to promote inaugural Kershaw Road Race / Gold Cup twin bill

01.14.2010 -- With the Daytona trifecta now in the books, the 2010 racing season is officially under way. Continuing with the multi-event theme, World Karting officials are proud to announce the latest doubleheader at the Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, South Carolina March 12-14. Recognized for many years as a solo date for the Dunlop Tire National Road Racing Series driven by Mazda, the high-speed warriors will have a drafting partner, as the Bully Clutches Gold Cup Series will christen the new 0.987-mile sprint track on the same weekend.

The weekend will be of monumental significance with the official passing of the torch. For several years, the Karolina Karters, led by WKA Hall of Fame member Johnny Jacumin, has been the promoter of the Road Race event. This year Mr. Jacumin has elected to step down, handing the duty of maintaining the integrity, professionalism, and longtime success of the event to the World Karting staff.

As a first order of business, many of the Karolina Karters staff will be welcomed back to work the event, helping to maintain the consistency of the weekend's activities. Combining that with a World Karting staff that has become seasoned veterans at running multiple events, the first Kershaw doubleheader will be a memorable one.

Activities will get under way Thursday, March 11 with parking and pre-registration for both series. A full blown practice day will ensue on Friday with an awesome two-day racing show planned, with fans having a birds eye view of both events running simultaneously. Entry blanks for the event will be online shortly.

While hoping to see Mr. Jacumin at the event, the World Karting Association would like to extend its sincerest thanks to Johnny, his wife Cookie, and all of their family for their outstanding contribution to the Road Race Series, the Karolina Karters and the sport of kart racing.

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