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SNAP-ON STARS OF KARTING PRESENTED BY THE IRL RELEASES 2006 TECHNICAL REGULATIONS Seattle, WA (December 26, 2005) - Snap-on Stars of Karting Presented by the Indy Racing League announced today the release of its 2006 Technical Regulations, ...


Seattle, WA (December 26, 2005) - Snap-on Stars of Karting Presented by the Indy Racing League announced today the release of its 2006 Technical Regulations, Supplements and Appendices on its website at

Stars principal, Paul Zalud commented, "We are pleased to have released next season's technical rules as early as we have this year. This is the earliest release of our rules yet and much of the credit goes to our technical department for their diligence and the inherent stability of the rules package that we publish. I am pleased to note that the core group of classes that we have displays the consistency and stability in the rules that have remained largely unchanged since the beginning of the program."

The technical regulations are comprised of the main body of rules along with the supplements and appendices necessary for proper technical conduct with tires, equipment declarations and measuring procedures. They are joined by the chassis homologation rules released earlier this month at

"In an era of constantly changing parameters," series owner Bryan Herta noted, "I am proud to recognize the stability in tech rules that Stars represents. The changes that are present for our ICC, ICA, JICA and Cadet classes are really more 'adjustments' and none of them have any significant impact on the racer or their budget. This kind of stability is one of the goals set before us from the beginning and I am proud to continue this method in our fifth season."

Stars Technical Director, Scott G Evans said, "All things change and our program does not pretend to be absolutely the same, year to year. It is our job to stay on top of evolutions within the industry and especially within our sphere of influence. That being said, I am pleased to note the character of the changes we have implemented as being merely 'product improvement' rather than wholesale 'earth-shakers'. Still, the changes we have made are important to review and as such, I have authored a summary of the most important ones. This summary is for the convenience of our customer base and is also available on the website."

The electronic version of the rules posted on the website is a precursor to the printed volume that is currently in progress. Hard copies of the technical and competition regulations will be available from the Stars office by request and automatically sent out with every membership received.

"The 'members' page of our website is a critical gathering of all the documents that are needed for our customers," remarked series marketing director Jeff Swoboda, "All interested parties are welcome to access this page through the homepage of our website. As we get closer to the beginning of our 2006 season, any necessary additions or notices will be posted there. We intend to continue our communicative nature in 2006 and beyond."

Summary of Changes to the 2006 Stars of Karting Technical Regulations


The following dissertation is a list summarizing the changes made to the 2006 Stars of Karting Technical Regulations. The Regulation includes all the changes made in the one technical update from 2005 as well as some new changes for 2006. It is written for the convenience of the competitor and is not to be considered an official technical document, rather a "short list" defining and pointing out the significant changes that have been made. The competitor is strongly urged to read the complete Regulation for the official language of these and other changes and divine the full meaning from that document.

1.01.01 Categories and Groups: The current national class structure has been written to reflect current structure. Rules support for all other classes has been removed from this document.

1.01.02 Competitor age restrictions:   Removed competition age
definitions.   Please refer to Competition Regulations.

1.02.05 CIK Homologation and 1.02.06 Stars of Karting Homologation: Removed all reference to registration forms, now only homologated parts are valid. Added for clarity the acceptance of newly homologated chassis in 2006. Radiator: Added paragraph regarding radiator masking devices. Removable adhesive tape strips applied to the radiator for masking are prohibited beginning in 2006. Description (chassis main parts): Added rear axle wall thickness requirements, new for Stars in 2006, adapted from CIK table. Chassis dimensions: Changed to reflect new maximum wheelbase and overall length in the Cadet class.

2.02.04 Bumpers: Added requirements for full width rear bumpers for Cadet class. Panel colors: Changed to reflect that the color of number panels and numbers is a controlled element by the Competition Regulations.

2.02.08 Chain guard: Added wording from 2005 Update 01.1 to require full driver sprocket protection in non-gearbox classes.

2.02.14 Engine: Added the engine component dimensional tolerances.

2.02.15 Scrutineering: Added requirements for cleanliness of karts. Changed for clarity regarding engine seal protocol for single race events. No material changes otherwise.

2.02.19 Intake silencer: Changed to reflect the supplementary requirements of homologated airboxes only as amended in 2005 TechReg Update 01.1. Provides for usage of only WKA-legal configurations nationwide in the Cadet class. Specified fuel: Changed to reflect the new specified oils for 2006 from Maxima, either 927 castor or Super-M blend.

3.02 Competitor safety: Changed to exclude Snell SA95-rated helmets and include M2000-, K2005-, SA2005- and SFI 31.1/2005-rated helmets. Added requirement for SFI-approved chest protection mandatory in the Cadet class for 2006.

Article 4 General prescriptions for all classes: Removed classes not supported on the national level. Changed Cadet class weight to 225 pounds minimum. No material changes to any remaining class.

Appendices: Revised Appendix One to add new preferred combustion chamber volume method and correct wording.


2006-1 Tire Supplement has seen some significant changes in order to specifically deal with tire protocol on single or double race events. Also significantly, the Cadet class will be limited to a single set of race slicks all weekend, both single and double. The parc ferme deadline penalties have been formalized.

2006-2 Equipment Regulations and Control Supplement was altered to reflect the deadline for making equipment declaration changes during the season is by the time you physically register for that event. Once you are registered for the weekend, there will be no changes permitted, same as before. All changes must be made by September 1 or penalty will apply.

Snap-on Stars of Karting presented by the Indy Racing League is based out of Seattle, Washington, sanctioned by the World Karting Association (WKA) and owned and operated by 1986 Indianapolis 500 champion and IRL IndyCar Series team owner Bobby Rahal, IndyCar Series driver Bryan Herta and veteran karting promoter Paul Zalud.,

Snap-on Tools Company, LLC is a subsidiary of Snap-on Incorporated, a leading global developer, manufacturer and marketer of tool and equipment solutions for professional tool users. Product lines include hand and power tools, diagnostics and shop equipment, tool storage products, diagnostics software and other solutions for the transportation service, industrial, government, education, agricultural, and other commercial applications, including construction and electrical. Products are sold through its franchised dealer van, company-direct sales and distributor channels, as well as over the Internet at Founded in 1920, Snap-on is a $2 billion-plus, S&P 500 company headquartered in Kenosha, Wis., and employs approximately 11,500 people worldwide.

Formed in 1996 by Tony George, Stars' presenting sponsor Indy Racing League provides the ultimate in wheel-to-wheel racing excitement through the IndyCar Series and Menards Infiniti Pro Series. The 2005 season marks the 10th year of competition for the IndyCar Series, the pinnacle of open-wheel racing in America. The 17-race schedule, featuring 14 ovals, two road courses and a temporary street circuit, consists of the most events in season history. The Menards Infiniti Pro Series, an essential stepping-stone for drivers and teams striving to reach the IndyCar Series, will feature a series-high 14 races in 2005, including three events on road courses and one street course.

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