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From Victory Lane at Greenwood Valley by Than Mitchell Lightning struck in unusual fashion Saturday night at The Greenwood Valley Action Track. Joe Bednarski, reigning Action Track Micro Sprint Champion, came to watch the 8th Annual Thunder...

From Victory Lane at Greenwood Valley
by Than Mitchell

Lightning struck in unusual fashion Saturday night at The Greenwood Valley Action Track. Joe Bednarski, reigning Action Track Micro Sprint Champion, came to watch the 8th Annual Thunder and Lightning events and ended up taking home the Micro Sprint Feature's top prize. Lee Benjamin, Berwick, asked Bednarski to pilot the #3, a car formerly owned by the Wyoming native. Bednarski claimed well over $1000 for the first place finish; The Action Track's winner's share and a healthy percentage of the $300 additional bonus contributed by Commercial Stainless Company of Bloomsburg, maker of high quality restaurant equipment.

To lead was to lose in the Feature as many drivers crashed or broke while leading. Steve Lenig, Selinsgrove, avoided any mishaps to cross the finish line in second, followed by Neil Petock, Bloomsburg, and Frank Venezia, Little Ferry, NJ, in third and fourth. Brian Kishbaugh, Nescopeck, was fifth, Mike Spotts, Selinsgrove, sixth, Jeff Furlong, Selinsgrove, seventh and Brad McClelland, Westminster, MD, eighth. Ninth place went to Blane Heimbach, Selinsgrove, and tenth to Eric Perchak, Hazelton.

The Action Track thanks Commercial Stainless for offering extra cash for Thunder and Lightning's participants. Additional thanks goes to Brushhand Painting, Pottstown, who paid a bonus to the driver of the first RTS chassis across the line; Brian Kishbaugh. Starr's Porta-Potty awarded money to the last place car at half way and finish; Jerry Mack of Selinsgrove and Chris Smith. William's Lawn Care of Orangeville paid the leader on the 17th lap, Eric Heydenreich, Bloomsburg and Nye's Body Shop, Sunbury, offered a cash award for ninth place over-all which went to Blane Heimbach, Selinsgrove.

Saturday's Rookie Micro Sprint Feature saw Shane Penny, Nescopeck, take first while Brett Arndt, Topton, was second. Jay Horvath, Allentown was third, Todd Hoover, Selinsgrove captured fourth and in the fifth position was Bill Puterbaugh, Millville. In sixth place was K.C. Smith, Reading, in seventh, Chop Slusser, Bloomsburg and in eighth through tenth were Dusty Jagger, Port Crane, NY, Michael Ruttkamp, Wilton, CT, and Greg Spangler, Wapwallopen.

Bob's Plastering of Millville provided added winnings for the Rookie Warriors for the leader on the 12th lap; Phil Weinsteiger, Green Lane. Starr's Porta-Potty paid for last place at the Rookie Feature's halfway point and to the event's last place - still running - finisher; Ken Hurr, Palmyra.

On Friday evening, The Greenwood Valley Action Track offered a full racing schedule for dirt track enthusiasts. The top two finishers in the Micro Sprint Feature, Joey Finan, Milton, and A.J. Walters, Bloomsburg, were guaranteed a starting position in Saturday's Feature. In a gesture sure to encourage the continuing participation in racing, Brett Gordner, Matt Miller, and Todd Latteer, contributed their Win, Place, and Show trophies as prizes for a Pre-Rookie event. The restrictor plate karts allow an opportunity for gaining seat time and learning the essentials of track rules and etiquette. Brandon Gordner, Orangeville, 7 years old, Brock Puterbaugh, Millville, 6 years old, and Jesse Miller, Sunbury, 5 years old, earned the night's trophies. The Action Track commends the unselfish gesture of the Karting regulars.

Next week at The Greenwood Valley Action Track, located 3 1/2 miles east of Millville, south of route 254, Points Racing resumes. Gates open at 3:30, warm-ups at 5:30, followed by a full slate of racing on The Action Track's dirt oval.

<pre> Greenwood Valley Action Track September 8, 2000 Results

Medium Karts 1. Brian Woodruff, Selinsgrove 2. Kevin Hayle, Bloomsburg 3. Matt Walck, Danville

Adult Karts(caged) 1. Jason Kemp, Bloomsburg 2. Jeremy Gordner, Millville 3. Hoss Uhrin, Freeland

Junior Karts (caged) 1. Sean Stolz, Bloomsburg 2. Matt Bennett, Muncy 3. Todd Latteer, Millville

Rookie Kart (caged) 1. Matt Miller, Sunbury 2. Brett Gordner, Orangeville 3. Derrick Bowersox, Milton

Garden Tractor 1. Kevin Faus, Orangeville 2. Scott Faus, Orangeville 3. Rodney Faus, Orangeville

Micro Sprint 250cc 1. Joey Finan, Milton 2. A.J. Walters, Bloomsburg 1st & 2nd qualify for Thunder & Lightning Feature 3. Brian Kishbaugh, Nescopeck 4. Jeff Furlong, Selinsgrove 5. Neil Petock, Bloomsburg 6. Scott Kishbaugh, Nescopeck 7. Jay Horvath, Zion Hill 8. Mike Spotts, Selinsgrove 9. Skeetz Hockenbrock, Paxinos 10. Jason Wagner

Rookie Micro Sprint 250cc 1. Brett Arndt, Topton 2. Lee Benjamin, Berwick 3. Frank Venezia, Little Ferry, NJ 4. Michael Ruttkamp, Wilton, CT 5. Shane Penny, Nescopeck 6. Chad Phillips 7. Ray Peters, Shickshinny 8. Jesse Remensnyder, Mocanaqua 9. Steve Lenig, Selinsgrove 10. Bill Puterbaugh, Millville

8th Annual Thunder and Lightning September 9, 2000

Lite Karts 1. Jason Koch, Lewisburg 2. Chad Thomas, New Berlin 3. Ken Duke, Selinsgrove

Medium Karts 1. Matt Hummel, Northumberland 2. Cliff Loss, Penns Creek 3. Chris Hoffman, Lewisburg

Heavy Karts 1. Russ Kinslow, Kreamer 2. John Evancho, Freeland 3. Steve Sirota, Millville

Extra Heavy Karts 1. Eddy Miller, Sunbury 2. Russ Kinslow, Kreamer 3. Brian Snyder, Selinsgrove

Adult Karts (caged) 1. Hoss Uhrin, Freeland 2. Ross Perchak, Hazelton 3. James Insinga, Bloomsburg

Junior Karts (caged) 1. Adam Zimmerman, Middleburg 2. Matt Bennett, Muncy 3. Janelle Badger, Lewisburg

Rookie Karts (caged) 1. Kris McKeown, Bloomsburg 2. Derrick Bowersox, Milton 3. Brett Gordner, Orangeville

Garden Tractors 1. Kevin Faus, Orangeville 2. Denny Faus, Orangeville 3. Rodney Faus, Orangeville

Thunder & Lightning Feature Micro Sprint 250cc 1. Joe Bednarski, Wyoming 2. Steve Lenig, Selinsgrove 3. Neil Petock, Bloomsburg 4. Frank Venezia, Little Ferry, NJ 5. Brian Kishbaugh, Nescopeck 6. Mike Spotts, Selinsgrove 7. Jeff Furlong, Selinsgrove 8. Brad McClelland, Westminster, MD 9. Blane Heimbach, Selinsgrove 10. Eric Perchak, Hazelton

Rookie Micro Sprint 250cc 1. Shane Penny, Nescopeck 2. Brett Arndt, Topton 3. Jay Horvath, Allentown 4. Todd Hoover, Selinsgrove 5. Bill Puterbaugh, Millville 6. K.C. Smith, Reading 7. Chop Slusser, Bloomsburg 8. Dusty Jagger, Port Crane, NY 9. Michael Ruttkamp, Wilton, CT 10. Greg Spangler, Wapwallopen

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