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October 2, 1999 From Victory Lane At Greenwood Valley . . . . By Than Mitchell The Greenwood Valley Action Track was the place to be on Saturday night. With a purse paying $1000 to win, Thunder and Lightning Twin 20 lap Micro Feature ...

October 2, 1999

From Victory Lane At Greenwood Valley . . . . By Than Mitchell

The Greenwood Valley Action Track was the place to be on Saturday night. With a purse paying $1000 to win, Thunder and Lightning Twin 20 lap Micro Feature attracted hot shoes from all over Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Assuring close competition was the total purse of nearly $4500 to be shared among finishers. Blane Heimbach, Selinsgrove, strong in his heat race, drew the pole position for the Feature and never relinquished it after the green flag flew. Uncharacteristically speechless after crawling out of his King Chassis Micro in Victory Lane, Heimbach regained his usual composure, remembering to thank everyone including the folks taking care of his bovine responsiilities at home so he could race.

Second to Heimbach was Kevin Nouse who held off Brad McClelland, Westminster, MD, and Jeff Furlong, Selinsgrove, who came in third and fourth after trading positions throughout the event. Fifth was Jim Calahan, while David Utt, Catawissa, edged out Jason Kemp, Bloomsburg, for the sixth slot. In eighth was Adrian Shaffer, with Colby Womer, Mt. Pleasant Mills, and Eric Perchak, Hazelton, filling out the top ten.

In Rookie Micro action Eric Eckert, Bristol, led from pole to finish line for another Feature win in 1999. Chad Thomas, New Berlin, was second and Scott Tate, Middleburg, was third. New comer Char Palmucci crossed the line in fourth, Glen Walp, Wapwallopen, was fifth and Rick Morris, Catawissa, was sixth. John Venuto was seventh, Nathan Cornell, eighth, and C.J. Jones and Jerry Mack, Selinsgrove, were ninth and tenth.

The annual Twin 20 Thunder and Lightning was spectacular as usual with drivers and pit crews more interested in winning since finishing mattered less with the close of the points season last weekend. Several added prizes were offered for laps and finishing positions and a new wing went to the first car to roll over in the Feature. Thanks to all of the people who helped to make this night one of the best racing nights of the year.

The season continues at Greenwood Valley through October, so dress for the weather and bring the family for fine late season dirt track racing. No need to make dinner, just visit the snack bars and have fun. Next Saturday the gates open at 3:30 and warm-ups at 5:30. Join us at The Greenwood Valley Action Track, located 3 1/2 miles east of Millville just off route 254.

Greenwood Valley Action Track Oct. 2, 1999 Results

Lite Karts 1. Matt Walck, Danville 2. Bruce Walck, Danville 3. Alan Martin, Selinsgrove

Medium Karts 1. Steve Majestic 2. Nip Loss, Penns Creek 3. Ed McKeown, Bloomsburg

Heavy Karts 1. Chuck Paige, Middleburg 2. Gene Linn 3. Dave Hoy

Extra Heavy Karts 1. Eddy Miller, Sunbury 2. Dave Knouse 3. Chris Weikel

Rookie Karts (caged) 1. Shane Balliet, Freeland 2. Kris McKeown, Bloomsburg 3. Mark Brown

Junior Karts (caged) 1. Eddie Petch 2. Josh Gauger, Bloomsburg 3. Lindsay Barton

Adult (caged) 375 1. John Uhrin, Freeland 2. Jason Kemp, Bloomsburg 3. Mike Williams, Bloomsburg

Micro Sprint 250cc 1. Blane Heimbach, Selinsgrove 2. Kevin Nouse 3. Brad Mcclelland, Westminster, MD 4. Jeff Furlong, Selinsgrove 5. Jim Callahan 6. David Utt, Catawissa 7. Jason Kemp, Bloomsburg 8. Adrian Shaffer 9. Colby Womer, Mt. Pleasant Mills 10. Eric Perchak, Hazelton

Rookie Micro Sprint 250cc 1. Eric Eckert, Bristol 2. Chad Thomas, New Berlin 3. Scott Tate, Middleburg 4. Char Palmucci 5. Glen Walp, Wapwallopen 6. Rick Morris, Catawissa 7. John Venuto 8. Nathan Cornell 9. C.J. Jones 10. Jerry Mack, Selinsgrove

Greenwood Valley Action Track October 1, 1999 Friday Night Results

Adult (caged) 375 1. John Uhrin, Freeland 2. Brit Rider 3. Jeremy Gordner, Millville

Heavy Karts 1. Steve Sirota, Millville 2. Kevin Halye, Bloomsburg 3. Matt Clark

Junior Karts (caged) 1. Janelle Badger, Lewisburg 2. Brett Gordner, Orangeville 3. Braxton Sponsler, Millersburg

Micro Sprint 250cc 1. Jeff Furlong, Selinsgrove 2. Brad McClelland, Westminster, MD 3. Joe Bednarski, Wyoming 4. Nick Lannan, Montoursville 5. David Utt, Catawissa 6. Skeetz Hockenbrock, Paxinos 7. Brent Boyer, Bloomsburg 8. Scott Lawrence, Conklin, NY 9. Rick Tanner, Watsontown 10. Jason Kemp, Bloomsburg

Rookie Micro Sprint 250cc 1. Brian Wawroski, Bloomsburg 2. Frank Palmietto 3. Jason Wagner 4. Eric Eckert, Bristol 5. Glen Walp, Wapwallopen 6. Char Palmucci 7. Deb Arner, Berwick 8. Scott Tate, Middleburg 9. Shane Penny 10. Rick Morris, Catawissa

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