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Another Race At Lime Rock Just when you thought you wouldn't be able to race with Endurance Karting at Lime Rock this year, we have been able to add another race to the calendar - The Lime Rock 200, October 25 - the Friday before Saturday's sold...

Another Race At Lime Rock

Just when you thought you wouldn't be able to race with Endurance Karting at Lime Rock this year, we have been able to add another race to the calendar - The Lime Rock 200, October 25 - the Friday before Saturday's sold out Lime Rock 300/6 Hour.

Like most of Endurance Karting's events, just because it's on Friday, doesn't mean this will just be a laid-back rehearsal for Saturday's big event.

The schedule will begin early in the morning with Registration at 7:30 am and will continue hot and heavy through 45 minutes of practice, our trademark LeMans Start at 11:00 and 11 pit and 1 fuel stops along the way to the checkered flag at 3:00 pm.

Lowe's Coming With Rain-Out Redo

A new day is dawning November 5 at Lowe's Motor Speedway as Endurance Karting takes to the track for a weeknight attempt to finish what we started back in August.

Things were looking very competitive before the rain began coming down in sheets and forced us to realize the karts wouldn't run in a river.

After bailing out the seats, taking stock of the situation and making a few modifications, we believe we can how hold swamp buggy races with the little machines and though we hope not to prove it Tuesday, the 5th, we plan to start from zero and complete a new BSR/Simpson Race Products 3-Hour Race Team Challenge.

And prizes? We've got trophies, Silicon Motor Speedway racing parties, Simpson Racewear and laps at Victory Lane Kartway to distribute to winners in each of eight classes - not to mention bragging rights!

The event is open to anyone who wants to compete with the best race teams in Charlotte (which by accident of geography, will be the best in the world.) Registration will open at 3 pm and the driver's meeting will start at 5.

Race School, 8-Hours And 4 More Come Back To Lowe's

Lowe's Motor Speedway is the sight of another return of a regular Endurance Karting weekend of racing education, competition and celebration.

From Friday Race School, November 8, through the Charlotte 400/8-Hour to the Charlotte 200/4-Hour, we are going to have a ball doing what racers do best - go fast and enjoy the speed skills.

To help you learn those skills, we have our usual Race School on Friday where you will learn the proper line and some fine points which will help you build speed around the challenging course.

Then it's off to the races with our Charlotte 400/8-Hour on Saturday, November 9. Teams will take on the challenge of our LeMans start, pit stop and fuel change strategy and hustling a racing kart for 8 long hours.

Sunday, November 10, brings the 4-Hour Charlotte 200 for a dose of the sprint side of Endurance Karting. Pack up a small team and go at it for half the total time while getting the same amount of seat time as the 8-Hour.

12 Hours of Jax Is Coming

There are fewer tests of one's fortitude and intensity than a long Endurance race. Participants have to deal with changes in everything from co-driver's moods to the weather and still keep on target to perform the best service to the team's result.

Saturday, November 16, 2002 will be one of those days. From the 9 am start to the 9 pm finish, the Jacksonville 12 promises to be a test of personal fortitude of which each and every member of every team that finishes, can be proud!

Can you be one of those people? Can you handle the stresses and strains of competing for 12 hours without letup? Are you one of those people who can inspire your other teammates to a difficult goal?

It may look relatively easy on the surface but those of us who have competed know how difficult it is to keep a team focused for just 4 hours, let alone triple that amount of time.

Well, the time is here to prove of which mettle you are made. As the clock ticks past 8 hours will you be calling, "Uncle!" and heading for the nearest horizontal landing point to rest your weary bones? Or will you be one of those standing at the pits with their suit on, helmet in hand, waiting impatiently for the next turn at the wheel? We won't sugar-coat it. This is a test not everybody can pass. Come on out Nov. 16 and see if you can. We'll be there. Waiting for you.

Endurance Karting, Special Olympics, Road Atlanta Team Up For Charity

Endurance Karting has been chosen by Road Atlanta to host a kart racing experience to benefit the Special Olympics during the Petit LeMans activities, October 11& 12. If you are planning to be at Road Atlanta, look for Endurance Karting on the skid pad inside turns 6& 7. Friday and Saturday, Endurance Karting will be allowing ALMS spectators to try their hand at our racing karts

Here's a time when you can truly have fun and do something good for the outside world. Each ride will generate $1 for the Special Olympics, as well as satisfy your need for speed on the challenging course during the races.

Operating hours will be from 11 am to 6 pm on Friday and 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday. Come on out, enjoy some ALMS competition, then try out the Endurance Karting machines and help the kids of the Special Olympics in the bargain. It's a deal you can't refuse.


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