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11 drivers start their own traditions at the Milwaukee Mile The big track at the Milwaukee Mile brought out 11 new stars on the Burris Circle Tour as 11 drivers pick the legendary Milwaukee Mile for their first Burris Circle Tour win of the ...

11 drivers start their own traditions at the Milwaukee Mile

The big track at the Milwaukee Mile brought out 11 new stars on the Burris Circle Tour as 11 drivers pick the legendary Milwaukee Mile for their first Burris Circle Tour win of the year.

Long time Midwest Stock Car racing legend Tom Jones made his first trip to victory lane at the Mile, not as a driver, but as a crew chief for son Tommy Jones' first feature win ever. Tommy credits his win with intensive practice on the new NASCAR 2005 video game featuring the Milwaukee Mile. Of course, a great set up and a great drafting partner in Kyle Holzhausen may also have been a factor.

Sean Clavey, another 3rd generation racer, swept the feature events both days in the Jr. Sportsman Champ kart class. Longtime stock car racers (Dad) Dave and (Grandpa) Lou Clavey were on hand for the win. George Bobolos powered his Sr. Champ Kart to Victory Lane on Sunday and celebrated his first ever feature win at the Mile. Ross Kenseth and Mackenzie Piller won their respective Jr. Champ Kart classes both days by partnering up and using the draft to fly by the rest of the pack. One Sr. driver was heard to say, "Who was that, that passed me like I was standing still?"

Following the family tradition, the Brannam's mastered the Mile on Saturday. Tim won the Yamaha Sportsman Class and granddaughter Jessica dominated the Jr. Yamaha Class. On Sunday, former BCT champion, Lamont Crichett took the weekend off from his Midget ride to win in the Yamaha Sportsman Lite Class.

The family ties were very close on Saturday in the 125cc and 80cc shifters. Josh Lane beat dad, Lance by a mere .019 of a second and 80cc driver Alex Stumpf beat big brother Ben by a half a second after 15 miles around the circuit. Corey Heipp was tops in the Animal Briggs Class.

Trevor Kelley and Morgan Schissel battled the entire weekend in Jr. F200 Jr. 1. Trevor won his first feature race on Saturday by only 1/10th of a second. Morgan won on Sunday by the same margin.

Brad Richards and Robert Markiewicz split the wins in F200 with Brad winning Saturday and Robert winning Sunday.

The legend of the Milwaukee Mile continues as one of the greatest tracks to race at and provided great competition, camaraderie, and grist for bench racing for years to come. Congratulations to all of the racers.

Saturday 9/4 Results

Brad Richards
David Klaus
Robert Markiewicz
Adam Carlson
Joel Adams

Cory Heipp
Mike Houlihan
Mike Immekus

Kid Karts
Elliott Pritchett
Brent Edmunds
Cody Lipstreuer
Joey Flores
Teddie Stumpf
Morgan Schissel
Joshua James
Kindra Hurlbert
Sam Carney

Champ F00 Jr. 3
Ross Kenseth
George Clos, Jr.
Greg Hunt
Mitchell Garfiled
Mike Nitti
Tyler Kelly

Champ F200 Jr. 1
Mackenzie Piller

Champ F00 Sr.
Brad Becker
George Bolbolos
Travis Christiansen
Andrew Siebenalen
Jim Maher
Ben Beseler
John Beseler

Jr. Sportsman Champ
Sean Clavey
Dylan Barbosa
Jamie Clos
Zach Saran

Champ 4 Cycle Jr. 3
David Brady
Stephen Kammerer

Sr. Sportsman
Ken Paulson
Dave Terrafino
Dan Rado
Rob Blake
Ken Mrozak, Jr.

Sr. Lite
Mike Terrafino
Zach Axlen
Adam Carlson
Jordan Thiel
Tyler Middleton

Jr. 3
Aaron Katzenberg
Damian Jenks
Kaleb Bentley
Collin Jackson
Kyle Holzhausen
Ben Stumpf
Zach Witak
Tommy Jones
Mike Barlett

F200 Jr. 1
Trevor Kelley
Morgan Schissel

Jr. 2
Alex Stumpf
Andy Jones
Caylie Duncanson
Mike Flores
Stephanie Schumacher
Heidi Goodman
John Beinlich
Zach Fossum
Austyn Houlihan
Cory Talaska

Yamaha SSX
Jessica Brannam
Michael Shcumacher

Yamaha Sportsman Heavy
Lamont Critchett
Jerry Reverly
Tim Brannam
Jon Tevz

2 Cycle Sportsman Lite
1. Trevor Raisbeck
2. Brad Plunket

Shifters 100cc
Josh Lane
Lance Land
Michael Nitz

Shifter 80cc
Alex Stumpf
Ben Stumpf

Sunday 9/5 Results

Kid Karts
1. 9 Elliott Pritchett
2. 70 Brennan Frisby
3. 96 Cody Lipstreuer
4. 83 JoJo Flores
5. 87E Brent Edmunds
6. 71 Morgan Schissel
7. 43 Christian Janssen
8. 8J Joshua James
9. 76 Teddie Stumpf
10. 72J Jimmy Ryan
11. 4 Sam Carney
12. 10 Kindra Hurlbert

Champ F200 Jr 3
1. 17 Ross Kenseth
2. 38 Ryan Marshall
3. 2 Matt Scott
4. 40 Jason Cox
5. 13 George Clos, Jr.
6. 2b Jimmy Sivia
7. 82 Mitchell Garfield
8. 12 Mike Nitti
9. 24 Greg Hunt

Champ F200 Jr. 1
1. 24 Mackenzie Piller
2. 1 Brett Woeckener
2. 17 Jacob Zellmer

Sr. Champ
1. 12 George Bobolos
2. 27 Travis Christiansen
3. 42 Ben Besler
4. 07 John Beseler

Champ 4 Cycle Jr. 3
1. 9 David Brady
2. 89 Stephen Kammerer

Jr. Sportsman Champ
6 Sean Clavey
24 Dylan Barbosa
11 Jamie Clos
88 Zach Saran

F200 Sr.
1. 11 Robert Markiewicz
2. 95 Joel Adams
3. 98 Amanda Lishamer
4. 98 Chris Lishamer
5. 08 Shane Morrissey
6. 44 David Klaus

2 Cycle Sportsman
1. 41 Tim Brannam
2. 84 Eric Frisby
3. 3 Jake Mogan
4. 63 Brad Plunket
5. 19 Trevor Raisbeck

Sr. Lite
1. 19 Nick Chiapetta
2. 17 Zach Axlen
3. 08 Adam Carlson
4. 7 Jeff Everts
5. 94 Mike Terafino
6. X2 Jordan Thiel
7. 71 Tyler Middleton

Sr. Sportsman
1. 1 Brad Richards
2. 08 Sean Duncanson
3. 81 J.J. Adams
4. 2 Dave Terrafino
5. 56 Tyler Traber
6. 55 Amy Ghislain
7. 4 Rob Blake


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