Texas, round two pre-race quotes

Kurt Busch (NASCAR NEXTEL CUP): (2003 IROC Champion) "There are going to be a lot of unknowns for the race at Texas Motor Speedway. First off, it's our inaugural event there, so we will all be learning for the first time how these cars handle ...

(2003 IROC Champion)

"There are going to be a lot of unknowns for the race at Texas Motor Speedway. First off, it's our inaugural event there, so we will all be learning for the first time how these cars handle under race conditions. Being under the lights is only going to add to that excitement. Texas is a beautiful facility, and all the tracks always seem to look even better during night races, so it should look pretty cool."

"The Crown Royal IROC cars are so closely prepared, and the drivers are all at such a level that I think the racing is going to be similar to what it was at Daytona. I just want to get with whoever is going to the front and hopefully stay up there and hang on for the ride."

Helio Castroneves (IndyCar Series):

"It's my first time here at Texas Motor Speedway with a roof over my head and, as expected, it seems to be very different. It's still feels fast even though it's not as fast as we go (in Indy cars). Running at night is going to be very exciting for the fans and is a lot of fun for me."

Kevin Harvick (NASCAR NEXTEL CUP):

"I think IROC racing at night in Texas is cool, it kind of fits with the new scheme of things, with Crown Royal coming on board. I think Friday night racing will make it exciting for the fans and the drivers. Racing under the lights is always cool."

"The IROC cars will be a lot more stable (then the Cup cars). You'll be able to hold them wide open and probably be able to race them side by side a lot easier then the cup cars."

Jimmie Johnson (NASCAR NEXTEL CUP):

"My strategy is to going to be to go for it right from the start because the Crown Royal IROC cars are so equal. I noticed last year, in my IROC rookie season, that some of the guys were very aggressive on restarts and on the original start trying to get position, because once everyone gets up to speed, you have a hard time passing. You need to gain any position you can at any point in time."


"I think the night racing for the IROC Series is going to be a really cool thing for the fans. They always seem to get more excited for the night racing anyway, so it was a great element to bring to the IROC Series at Texas."

"The major difference between the IROC cars and the Nextel Cup cars I'll be driving during the Texas race weekend is that the IROC cars have a lot more down force and drag. They're made to run wide open so they're much easier to drive than a Cup car. It'll also be a shorter race, with no pit stop so that will play a major factor in how you would approach the race."

Steve Kinser (World of Outlaws):

"I feel pretty comfortable after eight or 10 laps, which right now would be a problem if we were racing because everybody would just run off from me. I still need to work on it a little bit, either that, or just let me start off eight laps before everybody else and then let the rest go."

"I think the track is great. Texas Motor Speedway is another new track for me and it's a lot of fun, just not one I'm used to running on like Daytona or Talladega, but I enjoy changing around to different tracks and I do want to run good, I just have to work on getting up to speed quicker."

Travis Kvapil (NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series):

"I'm excited for all of us. It's definitely going to be a good race here at Texas Motor Speedway for the Crown Royal IROC series. I don't know if we can top the excitement of the first race at Daytona, but we going to do our best."

"Texas Motor Speedway puts a little more into the drivers hands then Daytona, but I think all of drivers have some experience here except for the Dirt Track guys. So far so good, the cars feel real comfortable; we can run side by side pretty well. Actually, I was very impressed with how well you can run side by side in the Crown Royal IROC cars, they're real stable so it should be a good race. "

Danny Lasoski (World of Outlaws):

"I'm really taken by how different it is running here under the lights then it is during the daylight, it's really going to be a fun and exciting race. As for me, I'm sort of lucky to be starting on the front row; the only bad thing is the only way for me to go is back. But, I've been here since day one and I'm really happy with all the hard work the Crown Royal IROC guys have done with the cars. They feel very comfortable, Dave Marcis, Jim and Jay Sauter did a great job getting the cars set up and they're a ton of help to me. We'll just wait to see what happens when Friday night rolls around. "


"I can tell you that starting at the tail is definitely not the best place to start. I wouldn't trade my win in at Daytona for anything even though that starts me last here. As a driver, you just hope for multiple grooves so passing will be easier. I think I'll be ok. I just need to concentrate on getting to the front and being there at the end."

"Racing under the lights will be cool. I think anytime a race is run at night, it brings a certain sense of excitement. Not only do we, as drivers enjoy it, but I think the fans enjoy it as well."

"IROC racing at TMS will be a lot like racing Atlanta, except Texas Motor Speedway is a lot smoother. It's going to be a great show that's for sure. I'm looking forward to it, and to the opportunity to visit victory lane again."

Scott Sharp (IndyCar Series):

"This is really a great track. I've won here and the fan support is outstanding. It's always a top notch prepared facility, which will add to this being a great race."

"I'm really excited and it's great to be here early in the week to lean on Jay (Sauter), Jim (Sauter), and Dave (Marcis) and get as much help and experience as I can in the Crown Royal IROC cars. At least it's a track that I been on before, but it's a hugely different car. Groove wise, it's not that off from the Indy cars as you might imagine. I got comfortable pretty quick and learned that track position is going to be huge at this race. "

"I got to mix it up a bit with quite a few of the drivers and right now we've (Open Wheel drivers) got to learn as much as we can to be competitive with the NASCAR guys."

J.J. Yeley (USAC):

"I am very thankful that I have the opportunity to compete for the Crown Royal IROC Championship and being able to race under the lights at Texas Motor Speedway. Plus, for me, running IROC gives me an opportunity to gain more seat time at places where I will be racing this year and in future years."

Racing under the lights at Texas should provide for a very exciting race for the drivers and the fans. I'm sure we will have a very close race, and I plan on hanging onto my front row starting spot and battling for the lead right from the beginning."


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