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CROWN ROYAL IROC SERIES RICHMOND QUICK TRACK QUOTES Richmond, VA -- (September 6, 2005) SEBASTIEN BOURDAIS -- First time ever on a three-quarter mile track and still a stock car rookie: "This has been really interesting, and as with the other...

Richmond, VA -- (September 6, 2005)

SEBASTIEN BOURDAIS -- First time ever on a three-quarter mile track and still a stock car rookie: "This has been really interesting, and as with the other IROC races, a completely new experience for me. I'm getting to experience a little bit of every kind of stock car racing with IROC -- from Daytona to Texas was completely different and now here, to Richmond, on the short track is completely different from the first two races."

"This is my first time on a three-quarter mile oval and there is quite a lot more banking than I expected because when you look at it on TV, it doesn't show up that well. But, it is quite a lot of fun with the cars, they have a lot of grip so far and it might be quite difficult to pass, but I'm sure the track will change with more rubber as the week progresses."

"I'm going to be starting in the back with Mark (Martin) but perhaps I can follow his lead and get up to the front somehow, I don't know, but I'm having a good time and the car feels good, so we'll just wait until the end of the week and see how it plays out."

About adapting to the short track and IROC Car:
"I was feeling good right away. It took me about ten laps to get a real feel for it. Once you understand that car (IROC stock car) it doesn't take much to go from one form of oval to another, and again, the high banking helps to settle the car down to get some good lap times -- it's not like Milwaukee where you really have to work it out and battle it out with the track. I was really surprised, it's not as difficult as I thought it would be, until the race, and then it's always a different story -- you know how that goes."

MAX PAPIS -- "I've been on some smaller tracks when I was with Champ Car, but it's a completely different attitude when you are in the IROC stock cars. It's a lot to learn, especially my brain tells me I can carry a lot of speed into the corner, but actually, to be fast you need to be early into the power and get out quick."

"Again, I have to learned so much from Dave (Marcis), Jim (Sauter) and Jay (Sauter), they're trying to teach us as much as they can and you also have to follow your instincts, so for the moment, I'm doing alright."

About working on his racecar:
"I love to work on my own cars. I always worked on my go-carts and my formula Ford. I limit myself to the cockpit, otherwise I could cause some damage, I'll let the experienced people do their jobs, but I do like to contribute as much as I can -- it makes me feel more a part of all this. And what I love about working with the Crown Royal IROC people is you can really see they have a passion for what they are doing and they put a lot of pride into it. Even if I'm only putting some tape on my seat, I feel it makes me more a part of it all."

BUDDY RICE -- "It's a little different when you drive a car this heavy on such a tight circuit. The IndyCars are wide open here, so the IROC cars are a bit of a challenge getting used to at Richmond. It's going to be different for us too because the race is at night and the track will change. We've just got to be patient and disciplined because there's a lot of things happening -- you've got to lift and brake and they'll be a lot going on around you, so it'll be exciting."

SCOTT PRUETT -- "We've been out doing the sports car thing, so it's just a matter of getting used to the (IROC) cars again. The cars feel good, but the driver needs a little more time."

About starting from the pole:
"That's not going to help much because that's what IROC is all about -- they make the cars as equal as they can, so you've got to contend with the other guys having the same deal. It's been a pretty rough season for me in IROC -- I wound up in a crash at Daytona and got taken out in Texas, so, I'm just hoping with only two more to go I can make up a little ground."

HELIO CASTRONEVES -- Winning at Richmond in the IndyCar in June: "Well, it sure is different, especially the pace. We run like 15-seconds around here (Richmond), so you really have to reset your mind and it's a challenge. I really think about what the IROC car is doing, you don't have as much down-force and you really feel the car transition -- it's so completely different and a lot of fun. The good news is, I have last year under my belt here with IROC, and I have a really good feel for this coming back this year."

DANNY LASOSKI -- "I'm really excited about being back here at Richmond and I can tell already how much progress has been made with the IROC cars since we debuted here last year. You can see it too when rookies like Sebastien (Bourdais) and Max (Papis) take to the track as quick as they did here, that alone tells you how hooked up the (IROC) cars are. Helio (Castroneves) and I are starting towards the front, so hopefully, we can work together and really have something for these boys on Thursday night."


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