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HELIO CASTRONEVES (No. 12 Lime): "I just need to know how to find the draft. Those guys, side-by-side, I don't know how they do it. Harvick was just pushing Jimmie like crazy (on the restart) and I was thinking, 'How is this possible?' It was fun.

HELIO CASTRONEVES (No. 12 Lime): "I just need to know how to find the draft. Those guys, side-by-side, I don't know how they do it. Harvick was just pushing Jimmie like crazy (on the restart) and I was thinking, 'How is this possible?' It was fun. Unfortunately I think I destroyed the right front tire. I was feeling like a pro for a moment, thinking, 'Hey, I'm not doing that bad,' but those guys have a lot of experience. I'd like to learn more."

STEVE KINSER (No. 10 Light Blue): "We did finally end up ninth. Harvick got by me going into (Turn) 1, got me pushed up and got me to last and after that, it's hard to pass anybody. Your time to pass is in the beginning and on the restarts. I didn't see it all, but that's probably where most of the passing was done. Once you get shuffled back, you have to push in behind the other cars. I worked my tail off pushing to get back by Bliss. I finally got to where I could get a good run under him. I just got shuffled back in the first corner. That's about all I can say." (On the start): "Harvick got underneath me and got me all messed up. I guess I do not know how to take off with those guys. I thought I was blocking the bottom, and then here he comes. When he got me weeded out and got to the outside, then they all got by me. Then I figured I would start to work my way. It wasn't bad for how much time we got in the cars. I am pretty happy with it, I guess."

DANNY LASOSKI (No. 9 Green): "This is the greatest series I've ever been in my life. The guys worked their tails off. It's a heck of a challenge to come off dirt on here. Today was nobody's fault by mine. I missed third gear twice on restarts. I raced my way back past a couple of them and here we are. I tell you what, I pray to God they invite me back next year, because I'll be the first one here."

KEVIN HARVICK (No. 6 Gold): "Jimmie just got out front, and his car was pretty good, but my car was decent, too. They all match so close. I made a couple mistakes and got a little bit behind."

MARK MARTIN (No. 3 White): "Just wasn't good enough. Kurt was just awesome. Every race, he was right there. (Did you enjoy the season?): "It would have been more fun if we had won. That's what we were after, but Kurt was just incredible this year."

KURT BUSCH (No. 1 Violet): "There are no teammates in IROC. You have got to go. This is a 40-lap venue where you just have to go every lap and what it needed to be, and we were able to go away with the top spot today." (Comparing this championship with other accomplishments): "I have won local championships. I won a Featherlite Southwest series championship, which was big in 1999. Winning my first ever Winston Cup race, this is a parallel with those two, and being able to be a champion once again. It just an honor to drive in this series for one thing, but to compete against the best of the best and beat them one day - I just dreamed about this day, and it came true. My father's the greatest mentor in racing. He helped me get here. Of course, my Winston Cup crew and not to mention Mark Martin. A true competitor until the end."

JIMMIE JOHNSON (No. 7 Rose): "It's an honor to be here and win at the Brickyard. It's something I've dreamt of doing, and hopefully this is a good sign of things to come tomorrow for our race team in the Winston Cup Series." (About taking the lead on the Lap 20 restart): "I knew it was going to be my only opportunity to get a pass done. I worked by everybody and got to Helio (Castroneves). He was doing a great job. I didn't think I had anything for him, but when the caution came out I knew I would have about a lap to get something done. Harvick helped me down the straightaway and helped me get by, and it helped him into second place, so that was it from there."

MIKE BLISS (No. 2 Orange): "It was good. We were just too tight. We were tight all day. As soon as I started on the get-go, I was way too tight. It was fun, my first experience in IROC. It was excited to be here."

SCOTT SHARP (No. 11 Cream): "Not bad... pretty pleased... sort of 'stuck' more or less. It just got tighter and tighter, which you sort of expected. Ran hard with the NASCAR guys, I think I was the first open-wheel guy to finish. Just following those guys along."

SAM HORNISH JR. (No. 8 Medium Blue): "Not too bad. I couldn't make it here for practice, so I had to start at the back. That's part of how it goes sometimes. I just did what I could. I wanted take it easy in the beginning and not get in any trouble and not hit anything.".

RYAN NEWMAN (No. 4 Red): "We got a good start. Jimmie had an awesome run. The restart definitely helped him out, and hurt me a little bit. But it was a good race for all, I think. (Are you happy with your third-place finish?): "You're never happy finishing third, but it's better than fourth."


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