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BOBBY LABONTE (#1 Black): "This car was really loose most of the day. I tried all I could do to stay off of him (Tony Stewart). I tried my best to get past him. I wrecked, and he was in the wall. I'm glad we won the race. I didn't want to race like that. We traded a little bit of paint -- didn't really mean to. He said, 'I guess we are even from Homestead a few years ago.' I said, 'I wouldn't call it even. It's not same division." (About the championship): "It was a good day and a lot of fun. I'm glad to do that on the 25th anniversary (of IROC). What it was all about this year, it was about Dale (Earnhardt). I put a little No. 3 on my car. My car was black. It was like it was an omen. Dale was up there (champion) last year. It sure is an honor to be up there after him." (More Labonte quotes will follow in the post-race transcript)

KENNY BRACK (#2 Orange): "It went well today. It's just a shame we couldn't win it. Bobby and Tony were obviously running well. I just couldn't keep up with them. On the restart I tried to get past them, but I couldn't. They just got too big of a jump on me."

EDDIE CHEEVER JR. (#3 Dark Blue): "I think that was the longest IROC race I've ever had. My car was very loose. There was very little I could do. I couldn't hang with (Ricky) Rudd on the straightaway. Even when we were running by ourselves towards the end I couldn't even get a tow off him. I'd gain in the corners but lose on the straightaways. It was a nice championship. I really enjoyed it. He (Bobby Labonte) ran strongly at every race, and he deserves it. He's inherited Earnhardt's mantle as the IROC champion."

TONY STEWART (#4 Silver): "It was fun. I wouldn't have run that close with anybody else. I trust Bobby more than I trust anybody. To race anybody that close, that's the only guy I would have done it with. I ran out of real estate. I didn't expect him to do that. I don't know what happened. We probably picked up a big push, but he ran me right out into the fence. The car was hurt. It knocked the tow out and everything. It was a matter of trying to finish. It was hot out there. The car was real loose today, which is uncharacteristic for these cars. To run second here, there's no disgrace in that, especially to your teammate. It was a fun race, just awesome."

RICKY RUDD (#5 Medium Blue): "We started off eighth and finished sixth. The car was real loose, and not so much because of the track temperature as simply that the car was set up more loose than I prefer."

DALE JARRETT (#6 Aqua): "They got away from us on the restart. I was racing with (Kenny) Brack, (Al) Unser (Jr.), and Ricky (Rudd). They got away and had their own little race up there."

AL UNSER JR. (#7 White): "On the first stop, they put on the wrong tires. They put on two right rears. So I had to come back in for that second stop and get a left one put on. It was a great car. I want to thank Jay Signore and all his boys. The cars were all equal. The car ran perfect. It was beautiful. I didn't make the right moves at the right time. Sometimes seven is a winner and sometimes it is a loser. Today seven didn't win. I just kept getting caught on the outside."

BUDDY LAZIER (#8 Violet): "It was just good, hard racing. I feel fine, but it was a hard hit. I don't have a problem with anybody. We tried to fit three cars where there just wasn't room. When you are racing hard, you just run out of room. This is so much fun. It is so nice to be a member of IROC."

JEFF GREEN (#10 Rose): "It was too hot. The tailpipe was burning my butt. It was too loose. It was the worse car I've ever driven. I guess the other guys can afford to crash. I was just driving around."

MARK DISMORE (#11 Lime): "The car was loose. Then it got looser. It had no straightaway speed. Unless I was underneath somebody coming out of the turn, they just left me. I came in and got four tires. I thought that might fix it. Then two laps later the yellow came out - if I had only known. I was overdriving the car. I used up the right rear. I certainly didn't have the fastest car today."

JEFF BURTON (#9 Cream): "The yellow bunched us up. We went in three wide into Turn 3. That was OK. Then we went three wide into Turn 4, and Buddy (Lazier) followed Tony (Stewart), which is normal. Then that was it. There just wasn't enough room for all of us. It is hard to get boys to play together real good. That's why we got in the wreck. We were racing hard. That is what this series is all about."


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