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Kurt Busch, NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series champion "A few cars just spun out. You can't blame it on one specific driver. It was a wreck waiting to happen. When you have so many champions wanting to get to the front, and you've got Matt leading the ...

Kurt Busch, NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series champion

"A few cars just spun out. You can't blame it on one specific driver. It was a wreck waiting to happen. When you have so many champions wanting to get to the front, and you've got Matt leading the race, doing everything he could, just the way the rules are set up. Everybody was hugging the yellow line, the track was so good."

Steve Kinser, World of Outlaws champion

"I couldn't tell what happened. Everybody was trying to go for a hole. Helio got up wide, and everybody came. I don't know happened when it all came down. I shouldn't have been there to start with. I followed Kenseth all the way to the front, then jumped off of him, trying to get the lead and was put clear to the back. I should have been smart enough to stay up front, so it was my fault for getting back there."

Sebastien Bourdais, Champ Car World Series champion

"Scott got turned around, I don't know for what reason. We were starting to bang fenders pretty bad, and I just got turned around by someone and put me into the wall. My car had a huge, huge push and I couldn't do very much. I was just trying to mess around. I tried a few things a few times, it just kind of played against me. After, I just decided to stay behind and try and see if we could take a very good run. I got it, right before the incident, Bobby Hamilton gave me a great push, so I decided to try outside. I was taking the natural draft off everybody, got behind Helio, we got pushed pretty well. Then Scott got turned around."

Scott Pruett, Grand American Rolex Sports Car Series co-champion

"I just think everybody was going for it in the last three laps. I don't even know what happened. I have no clue, except I got turned around. It was tight, it was fun, it was great, 'till three to go. It was crazy. Unfortunately, I got turned around and I don't even know what happened."

Helio Castroneves, IRL IndyCar Series

"Someone got in on the rear, and a demolition derby started. It was a mess. Thank goodness nothing happened. Running in the front, people think it's easy. At least with those guys, it's not. There is no friendship at all out there -- pushing, get the heck out of the way. I was holding second -- I'm not leaving until the last lap. But, it didn't happen. Next time, hopefully, it will get better."

Bobby Hamilton, NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series champion

"It was fun racing against those guys. Danny Lasoski is the coolest guy in the world to race with. I don't care if he is a dirt driver, he needs to be in this kind of racing. He's a blast to race with. I hate that his car got torn up. It was pretty cool that Mark won it, because it might be the last one he ever runs. I had a lot of fun."

Matt Kenseth, NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series

"We broke a transmission on the lap 25 restart, and I didn't have any third gear. I knew I was done. I just had to go from second to fourth, lost all that momentum, and then Danny tried to do his best to help me, but he didn't know I only had second gear, so he tried to pass me. Then Mark just got by me because he had all the gears. Before that, we were good. We were fine. I don't think they would have gone around me. Helio got into me pretty hard while we were drafting and I lost the bottom, and that kind of started the mixup. Other than that, we were good. I just needed third gear on a restart."

Max Papis, Grand American Rolex Sports Car Series co-champion

"It was really good at the beginning. I was up to fourth, or something like that. We got like a pin ball. It was weird. My car was kind of banged up then, and after that, it was slow in a straight line. We're not sure exactly why. It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, they had a big wreck and lost a lot of cars, but it was still pretty good."

Danny Lasoski, World of Outlaws

"I tried. I had a good run. I came down the back stretch, and I saw someone -- I think it was Bobby Hamilton -- motion me on the outside. I tried a shot around the outside, and it shuffled me all the way to the back. I worked my tail off all the way to the front, and coming down the back stretch I had a run to the front. I had a run on the No. 01, and he just turned left on me and turned me into the infield. I want to apologize to Kurt Busch, I was doing everything I could. I run into the side of him. On the restart, I tried to help Matt go, but I had no idea my front fender was messed up, it was pushing like a truck. I passed Mark Martin down the homestretch here, but I was below the yellow line, so I just lifted and let them go back, because they weren't going to let the pass stand anyway. I had a really good time running these IROC cars. Everybody, all the test drivers -- especially Dave Marcis, Jim Sauter, Jay Sauter -- worked with me endless laps out here. I hope I didn't embarrass them. I'll tell you what. I sure loved running these cars."


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