Daytona post-race press conference

Martin Truex, Jr., d river of the No. 8, second-place finisher in the Crown Royal IROC race ON THE FINAL LAPS: "It was a lot of fun. The cars were really, really close together and it seemed like if you got out of line you'd just go to the back...

Martin Truex, Jr., d river of the No. 8, second-place finisher in the Crown Royal IROC race

ON THE FINAL LAPS: "It was a lot of fun. The cars were really, really close together and it seemed like if you got out of line you'd just go to the back ‘cause everybody's just lined up. A lot of them guys were racing pretty crazy. It got pretty wild at times, but overall it was a pretty good race, all besides the wreck. I was able to get to second with a few laps to go and almost got beside Mark (Martin) there at the end. The No. 4, Bobby Hamilton, was trying to back me up and get a run on me and I was trying to back up and get a run on Mark and Mark was letting off so we were all kinda doing the same thing for the last three laps and I got beside him at the line just a little too short. The king of IROC won the race and I'll finish second to him any time he wants."

ON IF HE COULD HAVE CAUGHT MARK MARTIN: "Yea, another probably 20 feet I might have gotten him, but another 20 feet and I might have been third also. It's hard to say. Second's good."

ON BUMP DRAFTING: "It's kinda hard not to. They got so much drag in them. You just get behind a guy and two cars -- you just close up so fast on the guy in front of you and the only way to make the guy in front of you go is to hit him. That's just the way it is and I don't see it changing. It makes it fun, I know that. It's fun to run into the back of people all night."

ON PASSING IN THE IROC SERIES: "It's not like driving on a two-lane road, that's for sure. It's like New York City traffic at 180 mph. You don't have any spotters and you got to use your mirrors and you're always getting cut-off by somebody that don't know you're coming, so it gets pretty crazy. If the leader didn't run the bottom, you could pass all day long. But, obviously, the leader doesn't want to let the second-place guy pass him, so he's going to run the bottom. That's just the way it is. All racing's like that. It's hard to pass, but at the same time I was like twelfth with probably 15 (laps) to go and I finished second, so it can't be too bad."

Mark Martin , driver of the No. 6, winner of the Crown Royal IROC Series race

ON HIS RECORD SERIES WIN: "I had a sad, sinking feeling before the race started tonight, that this might soon be coming to an end for me. I know that my time is limited on getting invited back to the series. I didn't think that much about making history tonight. I've been so fortunate and I have so many people to thank, especially my wife, Arlene, for sticking with me when I was a Saturday night racer -- through all the tough times. Jack Roush, for getting me noticed so that I could get invited to be a part of this. Because, had I not been invited, I wouldn't have had this experience and it probably means as much or more to me than anything else I've ever done. I've just really been blessed. It seems like nine times out of ten, when I climb in an IROC car, I seem to be driving the fastest car on the track. Heck, I must be lucky in that series or something. It certainly doesn't seem to always play out that way on the (Cup) side. Tonight it was my night to have the good fortune instead of the bad fortune. I've got some great teammates. Kurt Busch is the best teammate on the race track that a guy could ever ask for. Had Kurt not gotten caught up in that wreck, the outcome of this race may have been different. He enabled me to get in position to race for the win and I hated that he got caught up in that thing. I was so excited, and I said this earlier in a meeting, that I was so excited when I pulled into Victory Lane that I wanted to do a back flip like Carl Edwards does -- but I'm just too old. I sure wish I could. If I had my career to do over again, I'd learn how to do that."

ON THE RESTART: "I was pretty concerned. It was wild that I even got the lead and that didn't seem to last very long. We were coming off Turn 4, I knew somebody was against me and I didn't know who because I knew Matt (Kenseth) was on the outside and I didn't think he should be rubbing me, and I got to looking around and here come Danny (Lasoski) up the inside and there really wasn't a ton of room there and it was getting pretty wild coming down toward the start/finish line. Danny is such an incredible driver and has taken to this stuff so well that he had his car under control and Matt is certainly solid as a rock. When you race with drivers that are that good, you are in pretty good hands and you can get pretty wild out there and still come out OK. Cooler than breaking the record tonight, for me, was spending a little time with Max Papis, Sebastien Bourdais and Scott Pruett -- although I know Scott real well from years ago. An opportunity to get to know some of these guys that I watch on television -- now when I see them interviewed at a race I'll know a little bit more about what's going on in their heads and that's more special to me than anything that really happens on the racetrack. As I've learned, the relationships are really the things that seem to really last in my mind."

ON THE RACE: "That was one of the best races that I remember -- restrictor-plate or Daytona/Talladega kind of races -- and it was due to incredible driving skill coupled with respect. These guys drove with respect. I never felt like we were in danger of having an accident and the accident that did happen was due to a log jam -- it was a chain reaction."

ON HIS FONDESS FOR THE IROC SERIES: "It's that nine times out of ten, when I run IROC, I run up front and that's what I love about racing. I love IROC racing, but the real, honest reason why is not because I like going around with these other twelve guys -- I like going around and around in front of these eleven other guys and that's kinda cool. It seems like most of the time when I strap into one of those things, I'm in the fastest car out there so it must be the luck of the draw."

ON THE IMPORTANCE AND FUTURE OF THE IROC SERIES: "I think this series is incredibly important to the drivers. There are great races and great shows, but for me personally, it's been incredibly important to get a chance to meet and know all these other champions from all parts of the world. If you can do well here, I think your stock goes up no matter where you take that trophy home. Certainly, for Danny Lasoski, I bet his proudest trophy in his case is his IROC trophy."


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