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Pablo Donoso slides off the track James Davison and Mike Potekhen battling for position
Ana Beatriz at the Sam Schmidt garage in Indianapolis
Ana Beatriz
Cyndie Allemann
Cyndie Allemann Ana Beatriz and Richard Antinucci joke around
Richard Antinucci and Robbie Pecorari discuss their accident on the track Brent Sherman
Cyndie Allemann
Richard Antinucci
Dillon Battistini's helmet Podium: race winner Dillon Battistini with Richard Antinucci and Brent Sherman
J.R. Hildebrand Richard Antinucci, J.R. Hildebrand, and James Davison
Ana Beatriz at the Sam Schmidt garage in Indianapolis
Cyndie Allemann
Bobby Wilson, Ana Beatriz, and James Davison make it three wide Ana Beatriz passing Jeff Simmons
Bobby Wilson on his final lap Raphael Matos spins in corner 4 while Wade Cunningham spins behind him
Brent Sherman Robbie Pecorari
Jonny Reid Richard Antinucci, Sean Guthrie, and Robbie Pecorari make it three wide
Brent Sherman just misses the spinning car of Cyndie Allemann Jon Brownson
Jon Brownson
James Davison
James Davison passing Jon Brownson James Davison
Jon Brownson and Nathan Freke Raphael Matos and team accepting the Indy Lights championship trophy
Cyndie Allemann
Cyndie Allemann Arie Luyendyk Jr. visits U.S. troops in Iraq
Al Unser III