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Most recently uploaded Indy Lights photos:

Cory Witherill
Cory Witherill
Ronnie Johncox's car
Tom Wood
Ronnie Johncox
Ronnie Johncox Marco Cioci
Brandon Erwin Craig Dollansky
Scott Harrington Rolando Quintanilla
Ed Carpenter
Mark Taylor Craig Dollansky
Ronnie Johncox Matt Beardsley
A.J. Foyt
Cory Witherill Mark Taylor, Roger Bailey and Ed Carpenter
Cory Witherill
Paul Dana
Paul Dana Billy Roe
Paul Dana
Rolando Quintanilla
Scott Harrington
Ronnie Johncox
Jonathan Urlin
Scott Harrington
Aaron Fike
Paul Dana
Pro Series starter Paul Blevin and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top
Cory Witherill
A.J. Foyt, race winner Ed Carpenter, Laura George and Tony George Cory Witherill
Bob Hills of IRL Ministry gives the invocation
Ronnie and Amy Johncox
Thiago Medeiros Rolando Quintanilla