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Chronological Indy Lights photos :

Jaime Camara, 2005 winner, waits for the green Wade Cunningham, 2006 winner, climbs into his car
Wade Cunningham gets a final cockpit check Mike Potekhen dresses for action
Andrew Prendeville gets buckled in Stephen Simpson gets a final adjustment
Jonathan Klein settles into his car Jon Brownson buckles up
Jon Brownson's crew tucks him in Chris Festa gets tucked in
Chris Festa's crew does a final check Ken Losch is ready to hit the track
When your car number is 13... Chris Festa
Bobby Wilson Matt Jaskol
Marc Williams Mickey Gilbert
Jonathan Klein Wade Cunningham
Hideki Mutoh Alex Lloyd
Logan Gomez Brad Jaeger
Jaime Camara Andrew Prendeville
Shane Jantzi Jon  Brownson
Tom Wieringa Ryan Justice
Sean Guthrie Joey Scarallo
Al Unser Stephen Simpson
Ken Losch Robbie Pecorari
Mike Potekhen Marc Williams drafts behind Shane Jantzi
Tom Wieringa leads Brad Jaeger 38 Ryan Justice
6 CR Crews 15 Joey Scarallo
5 Andrew Prendeville 8 Doug Boyer
1 Bobby Wilson 7 Alex Lloyd
3 Brad Jaeger 24 Stephen Simpson