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Chronological Indy Lights photos :

Cyndie Allemann Micky Gilbert
James Davison Richard Antinucci
Chris Festa Pablo Donoso
Dillon Battistini Brent Sherman
Brent Sherman Logan Gomez
Al Unser III Logan Gomez
Cyndie Allemann Pitlane activity
Cyndie Allemann
Official Firestone Indy Lights logo Pitlane activity
Practice action Brent Sherman and Andrew Prendeville
Jon Brownson and Nathan Freke Richard Antinucci
Al Unser III Andrew Prendeville
Andrew Prendeville
Ana Beatriz
Practice action Practice action
Tom Wieringa J.R. Hildebrand
Cyndie Allemann
Nathan Freke Nathan Freke and CR Crews
Pole winner Raphael Matos
Pole winner Raphael Matos Pole winner Raphael Matos
Richard Antinucci Richard Antinucci
Sean Guthrie spins Race action
Start action Race action
Richard Antinucci leads the pack Race winner Dillon Battistini celebrates