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Chronological Indy Lights photos :

Townsend Bell Townsend Bell and Dan Wheldon
Luis Diaz Mario Dominguez and Luis Diaz
Matt Halliday and Mario Dominguez Derek Higgins
Derek Higgins and Damien Faulkner Luis Diaz
Cory Witherill Dan Wheldon
Dan Wheldon Matt Halliday
Matt Halliday Derek Higgins
Mario Dominguez Rolando Quintanilla
Infiniti Pro Series logo
Technicians at the Dallara Automobili factory in Parma, Italy, install the Infiniti Q45 engine/transmission assembly to the Pro Series chassis Technicians install an Infiniti Q45 engine in the new Infiniti Pro Series chassis
Technicians attach the headers to the Infiniti Q45 engine Wheel retainer lock
Marty Roth Aaron Fike
Arie Luyendyk Jr. Arie Luyendyk Jr.
Arie Luyendyk Jr. Cory Witherill
Cory Witherill Gary Peterson
Jason Priestley Jason Priestley
Matt Beardsley Matt Beardsley
Cory Witherill Qualifying lineup
Ronnie Johncox Ronnie Johncox
Ronnie Johncox Ryan Hampton
Ryan Hampton Starting lineup
Ryan Hampton
Tom Wood Rolando Quintanilla
Tom Wood Cory Witherill