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Chronological Indy Lights photos :

Race winner Wade Cunningham celebrates Race action
Race winner Wade Cunningham celebrates
Race action Seating in the Pagoda
Grid for IPS race View from the front stretch
Downtown skyline over IMS Media Center
IMS Pagoda
IPS grid Freedom 100 drivers' lineup
Geoff Dodge
Brett Van Blankers
Matthew Hamilton
Bobby Wilson
Jonathan Klein
Tyce Carlson
Nick Bussell
Tom Wood
Alex Lloyd
Chris Festa
Jaime Camara
Phil Giebler's car heads to grid Dr. Jerry Punch and Wade Cunningham
Wade Cunningham
Alex Lloyd
Alex Lloyd
Sean Guthrie
Phil Giebler
Phil Giebler Matthew Hamilton
Mishael Abbott Phil Giebler
Phil Giebler passes Bobby Wilson before the start-finish line Sean Guthrie and James Chesson
Wade Cunningham Alex Lloyd
Chris Festa Phil Giebler receives drive-through penalty
Sean Guthrie Matthew Hamilton