Simmon in top ten at chicago

CHICAGO, IL., (July 30, 2000) - Jeff Simmons fought an ill-handling car all day, but brought home his ...

CHICAGO, IL., (July 30, 2000) - Jeff Simmons fought an ill-handling car all day, but brought home his #26 KOOL Lola in seventh place. Scott Dixon, meanwhile, dominated the 97-lap race from about the 25th lap and crossed the finish line 3.551 seconds ahead of Townsend Bell with Tony Renna third. The race ended under yellow after an incident involving Casey Mears and Chris Menninga, who were fighting for second place with only a few laps remaining.

Simmons had been fast all weekend and began the race from fourth on the grid. He fell to sixth on the opening lap just before a caution flag was thrown for an incident involving Todd Snyder, Derek Higgins and Cory Witherill. Simmons unsuccessfully attempted to make adjustments to the handling of his car during the race, but he was eventually lapped by Dixon and dropped to ninth place. The contact between Mears and Menninga moved Simmons to seventh.

Dixon continues to lead the championship with 77 points after six of 12 races. Felipe Giaffone is now second with 65 points, followed by Bell with 59. Simmons is eighth overall with 42 points, while his teammate Jonny Kane is ninth with 32. Kane did not start the race this weekend because of an accident in qualifying.

JEFF SIMMONS, #26 Team KOOL Green Lola T97/20:
(Started 4th / Finished 7th ; Currently 8th in the standings with 42 points)

"It's frustrating for everybody at Team KOOL Green to be fast all weekend and then to be so slow in the race. I don't know what happened between warm-up and the race. In the warm-up I knew what the car would do. It would understeer at one end and oversteer at the other. During the race, it was doing both at different spots on the track throughout the entire race. It would oversteer on entry and then it would understeer on entry to the same corner. There was no predictability to the car whatsoever. For the most part it was understeer, but it would oversteer quite a bit too. I wanted to fight harder to hold positions, but I didn't want to have any contact. It was a really disappointing day."

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