Roquin Motorsports Toronto race notes


#64 Rolando Quintanilla (TelMex/Canel's) Rolando (Quintanilla) was able to pass Cory Witherill to claim the 10th spot after the first yellow flag on the 1st lap. Then moved to 8th place after the second yellow flag caused by Kristian Kolby. On his 30th lap, Rolando (Quintanilla) made an attempt to pass Geoff Boss for 6th place, but pushed the car too hard and spun in turn 5. With only a few laps to remain, Rolando wasn't able to catch up with Dan Wheldon to reclaim his 7th position. He finished the Molson Indy Toronto Race in 8th place with satifaction! He said, "It think the race turned out well! I made the mistake of not taking a possible spot that came my way. I tried to pass Geoff Boss, I came on too hot and I locked up my brakes so I wouldn't hit the back of him! But, all is well and we will see you in Mid-Ohio!"

#65 Luis Diaz (TelMex/Canel's) Luis Diaz placed 5th in this afternoon's Molson Indy Toronto Race. On the first green flag, Luis fell back one position but was able to move to 6th place after Higgins took a detour in turn 4. He then took 5th position when Dan Wheldon experienced engine problems and was forced to pit. Luis (Diaz) ran with exertion to pass Matt Halliday, but was not able to find the right opportunity. Luis exclaimed, "It was a good race without mistakes, and I am very happy to be in the top five! I felt it was very close all the time, and that makes for an exciting race! Matt (Halliday) ran hard, without error, and I didn't get a good chance to pass him! But, I had a great time here in Toronto, and I am looking forward to coming back next year! Brian Jones (Engineer) was pleased with Luis' performance during the race. He said, "We ran an intense race, the car was pretty much balanced. We just couldn't find the opening to pass Matt Halliday. We ran hard `til the end!"


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Series Indy Lights
Drivers Cory Witherill , Luis Diaz , Dan Wheldon , Matthew Halliday , Rolando Quintanilla , Geoff Boss , Kristian Kolby , Brian Jones