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SAM SCHMIDT AND ALEX LLOYD LAUNCH PLEDGE DRIVE Sam Schmidt Motorsports and driver Alex Lloyd announced today the "Racing for Recovery Challenge," a pledge drive to take place leading up to next weekend's United States Grand Prix ...


Sam Schmidt Motorsports and driver Alex Lloyd announced today the "Racing for Recovery Challenge," a pledge drive to take place leading up to next weekend's United States Grand Prix Liberty Challenge at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The team is offering a unique opportunity for companies and individuals to sponsor a race car with all proceeds going towards Sam Schmidt's Paralysis Foundation.

Schmidt said, "As many races as Alex has been winning, we felt it'd be a great time to utilize his hot streak to help raise funds and awareness for our foundation"

Individuals and companies may take part in pledging donations towards Schmidt's foundation contingent on Lloyd's performance in next week's races.

The standard pledge is $1,000 and $3,000. If Lloyd wins either race, those responsible for pledges will agree to donate $1,000 to Schmidt's foundation.

Should Lloyd win both races, the donation price tag will hike to $3,000 for the foundation.

If Lloyd is fortunate to win the first race, he'll start the second race from sixth place. That will present some challenges for him in accomplishing the sweep as he'll be competing with the most competitive field in Indy Pro Series history.

"Winning from sixth certainly won't be easy, especially at a track like Indianapolis," Lloyd said. "We were able to pull off the sweep earlier in the year in St. Pete, but that wasn't very easy either. It's definitely going to be a tough goal to achieve, but we can do it. The most important thing is that we win that first race, and then we can worry about all the rest of this."

The catch is that if Lloyd does not win either event, donors that have made pledges will owe the foundation nothing.

Those wishing to submit their pledges can contact Kaaveh Akbari by calling (317) 727-6957 or by email (kaaveh@kaavehakbari.com).

"There's a lot of faith being put in many different people's hands," Schmidt said. "Obviously, we want to maximize the exposure value for our foundation's mission, for Alex, and for the great companies that take part in this promotion. The most important thing though is that Alex wins.

"We could raise a million dollars in pledges, but if Alex doesn't win, we won't see a dime."

Companies and individuals looking for increased exposure can submit three pledges. By doing so, they will have a logo of their choice placed on the top of the side pod of Lloyd's race car for the entire race weekend.

So far, assuming Lloyd's sweeps next weekend, $12,000 has been pledged between Lucas Oil and Patron Spirits.

"Lucas Oil has been a great partner to our team and foundation, and I'm excited that they've agreed to take part in this exciting promotion," Schmidt said. "To have a company like Patron Spirits though, with whom we have little prior relationship with, step up and take part in this program, I can't say enough how exciting that is for us."

With the potential for funds that can be raised for the Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation, all eyes focus squarely on Lloyd, as it's his performance that determines the outcome of this fundraiser.

"Well, that certainly adds a bit of pressure to the job at hand, doesn't it?" Lloyd said jokingly. "In all seriousness, the most pressure I ever face is the pressure I put on myself. What we've got going on here with this promotion doesn't add more pressure or make me any more nervous. If anything, it just adds more excitement for next weekend's event.

"I certainly hope we can sweep both races, continue our win streak, and raise a lot of money for Sam's foundation."

The Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation was founded in 2000 while Schmidt was still in the rehabilitation hospital. Its mission is to raise funds to support spinal cord injury research which also benefits stroke victims, people with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, ALS, and other neurological disorders. The foundation is active in advocacy efforts benefiting the disabled and funds organizations throughout the world that directly benefit people with spinal cord injuries and other disabilities. More information can be found at www.samschmidt.org.

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