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IRL Infiniti Pro Series Post-Race Quotes MARTY ROTH (No. 3 Roth/Stewart Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): "I was fighting a push the whole race. It just got away from me. No one was around. It just happened, one of those things, just racing." MATT...

IRL Infiniti Pro Series Post-Race Quotes

MARTY ROTH (No. 3 Roth/Stewart Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): "I was fighting a push the whole race. It just got away from me. No one was around. It just happened, one of those things, just racing."

MATT BEARDSLEY (No. 12 Alpine Bank/Old Republic Land Title Dallara/ Infiniti/ Firestone): "The car came in a little late. It wasn't that great there at the beginning of the race. It finally started coming to me there, unfortunately, too close to the end. I think it was a pretty good race. We came through pretty unscathed. It was a good race, and I'm looking forward to Indy."

CORY WITHERILL (No. 92 WSA Healthcare Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): "(Arie) Luyendyk (Jr.) was slowing down in Turns 3 and 4. A few cars in front of me split him. One went to the left, and one went to the right. I went to the far left. Next thing I knew someone, I guess, bumped me from the rear. That is what they told me on the radio. I don't know. The race was all right for us. It was going quite well for us, but this kind of put a damper on our whole weekend."

BRANDON ERWIN (No. 99 Natural Golf/Sam Schmidt Mtrspts. Dallara/Infiniti/ Firestone): "The No. 99 Natural Golf/Sam Schmidt Motorsports car ran great today. We struggled some on the setup. We couldn't quite get through Turns 1 and 2, so we were losing most of our time there. As the day went on, from 50 laps on, the car was really a handful. We missed two wrecks right in front of us, and we did well to avoid those. We brought it home all in one piece. We are still third in points, and we are ready to go to Indy."

JEFF SIMMONS (No. 20 Western Union Speed Team/Duesenberg Dallara/ Infiniti/ Firestone): "We just didn't quite have the car today. At least we solved the problem that we had for the last few sessions, which was oversteer. We turned it to understeer, so it was at least more consistent and a little bit safer car to drive. The car just wasn't good enough, but I'm really proud of the Western Union Speed Team guys. They made the car drivable and gave us a car that I could at least race the full distance with, which we didn't have this morning. I thought we could've had fourth there at the end, but the 99 car totally pushed me onto the apron in Turn 3. We'll take fifth-place points, and we'll move on to Indy."

ARIE LUYENDYK JR. (No. 5 Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): "We're obviously not happy. The car was not ready in time. We had to start from the back of the pack, and whenever you do that, it's difficult, but especially here at Phoenix because qualifying is so crucial. We passed a car at the beginning of the race, but after it went yellow we couldn't get around anyone because of the push we had behind people. It's a shame because when I was alone I was running lap times pretty close to Mark Taylor's times, but he eventually lapped me because I couldn't get around anybody. It's just disappointing because qualifying is so much a part of this sport. There's rarely a time you can come from last and win the race. I'm not very happy. It's probably the worst race I've had in a long, long time. Hopefully, we'll go back and do better at Indy because this is just horrible."

PAUL DANA (No. 24 Ethanol/Team ISI Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): "It was a tough, long, long day. A lot of guys were in the fence, and I'm glad we weren't one of them. I've never run here before, so it's just a learning experience. We were competitive. We were as quick as the guys in front of us, but you get near someone and you pick up the aero push behind them, and you can't really do anything with it. Had we qualified a little higher, we would have finished a little higher. We were on the race pace and kept it clean, so all in all, I'm happy."

JONATHAN URLIN (No. 33 Budget Rent A Car Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): "Honestly, I really don't have a clue what happened. I took the checkered, started to slow the car down, and the next thing I knew, I was caught up with two or three or however many cars it was stuck in the outside wall. It's unfortunate, but you're going to have those through the season, I guess. I don't know if it was somebody's or everybody's stupid mistake, but that's kind of what racing is. Our goal was to finish every lap of the season, and that's still what we've kept up. We had a rough weekend with everything that went on. We only picked up seventh-place points, but we didn't go a lap down. We're saddened, obviously, because we're down a car, but we're looking forward to coming back and getting ready for Indy."


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