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JOEY SCARALLO (#15 RLR/AndersenRacing GroupAWheels.com Dallara/Firestone): "It was simple. One of the cars, I think it was Jon Brownson's team. Everyone is weaving all over the place, and I went around him on the outside, and he weaved right into me and put me in the wall. You would think between people using their brains, mirrors and their spotters it wouldn't happen, but I am here, so apparently it does."

WADE CUNNINGHAM (#27 Automatic Fire Sprinklers, Inc. Dallara/Firestone): "It kind of went wrong shortly after the start. We had a good start and went to fifth. The IRL team said we jumped the start, but I'm not sure we did. We were put to the back and ran under yellow for a few laps. Whoever was behind me drove into my back tire. They completely shredded my right tire off. It ruined the tire, and we would have been three laps down at that point. There's not really a point to continue, because you're never going to get those laps back. We'll just load the car into the trailer in one piece and make our way to Milwaukee."

LOGAN GOMEZ (#23 Isilon Systems/Lucas Oil/SSM Dallara/Firestone): "I think all the starts were fast. That's what you get when you end up in the back. You're at a disadvantage back there. The car felt pretty good, but there was a little understeer toward the end. I just couldn't make up the ground. The car was in front of me, but I couldn't draft up on him. We have another race coming up soon, so we'll start focusing on that."

AL UNSER III (#12 Playa Del Racing Dallara/Firestone): (How were the starts?): "The original start was all right. They wanted us to space a little more in the driver's meetings. The first two or three rows did that, but from there on everybody was kind of packed in. I had a lot of fun on the restarts." (How was traffic?): "Traffic was OK. The car had a little bit of a push in traffic. I needed to run a little higher line. When the guys would come around the outside of me, I had to get out of it. I couldn't really do anything. If I could trick them and get a run on them, I'd go to the outside and stay there." (About being back at IMS): "It's great to be back to Indy. I love this place. There's definitely something special here."

SEAN GUTHRIE (#4 Trace Die-Cast Car Crafters Dallara/Firestone): (Talk about your contact with the wall earlier in the race and how the car handled the rest of the race): "The car still had a pretty good push after the tire change, but I don't know what happened going into the turn. We were still trying to run high and get some clean air, even lifting into Turn 1. The car just had a really bad push. We were a really strong top-five car, even with that push. I'm just really disappointed for these guys." (Talk about your family history here and what it means to race here.): "Well last year, I was the first Guthrie to finish a race here, between me and my dad. It looks like Indy's still got the Guthries."

ANDREW PRENDEVILLE (#5 RLR/Andersen Racing Dallara/Firestone): "The race was great. We had a good car. We were able to pick off a lot of guys. I don't think the rain cost me from making the podium. I think it was the jump start. The reality is we can compete with the top team. We've made a lot of progress."

BRAD JAEGER (#3 Brian Stewart Racing Dallara/Firestone): "I don't know if there is just hidden damage from yesterday or if we just missed the setup. The car was really bad out there. On the restart when everyone started passing me, that was because I went into (Turn) 1 having to understeer all the way through the corner. In the middle of Turn 1, it just came out on me twice really big, which just screwed up my run. Then that let everyone by the first time. The next lap, going through Turn 2, the same thing happened, understeer, no load, and the rear snapped out on me big-time, twice right in the middle of the corner. From that point on, it was just me trying to hold on to the car just try to bring it home, stay out there if there was a wreck, try to make up some positions. But unfortunately we were a little too slow with our problems and got black-flagged. It was an unfortunate day and end to the weekend."

HIDEKI MUTOH (#55 Panther Racing Dallara/Firestone): "There were a lot of yellows, but for me, every yellow was an opportunity to pass. So I was happy with a lot of yellows." (How does it feel to be racing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?): "It feels so good to be racing in the Freedom 100. But my goal is to eventually win the Indianapolis 500."

KEN LOSCH (#52 AvenueCommunities.com Dallara/Firestone): "We broke the input shaft into the transmission. I was behind Alex Lloyd; we had a great start, that last restart. We were about 15 car lengths gaining on everyone, just him and I. I was in second. We came around for the second restart, in third gear. Then suddenly I went to fourth gear, started accelerating, and the input shaft broke. I had no more gears. I just rolled in without any gears. It was a mechanical failure. It's a shame. The car was setup beautifully; it was handling perfect." (What did getting the pole at Indianapolis for the Freedom 100 mean to you?): "A lot of confidence. This means confidence for me and for the team. It's amazing for everybody. This is a spiritual place of racing. To be able to come here and be on the pole is great. Unfortunately, mechanical failure put a stop to a good finish." (Is this your first visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?): "Yes, this is my first time here. I wished we could have finished much better. But to get the pole your first time here is great."

JON BROWNSON (#34 SWE Racing/SWE Race Car Parts Dallara/Firestone): "It was a great race. It was such a thrill to be racing at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I can't begin to describe that. We got some good clean racing in. My only regret is that I didn't move ahead further than my 10th-place finish. But as a rookie, I am happy to be for the finish."

JONATHAN KLEIN (#2 TMR-Xtreme Coil Drilling Dallara/Firestone): "Considering we started dead last in a field of 24 and we finished 10th not a bad day. We have a lot of improvements to do on the speed of the car. No one is at fault. One week ago, that car was a bare tub, no tires, no engine, no gear box, no suspension. It was nonexistent. So what Team Moore Racing did to get this car out here is unbelievable. I am really happy to be in the top ten considering we started dead last."

ROBBIE PECORARI (#13 Cabo Wabo Tequila Dallara/Firestone): "It was a little disappointing starting back in 22nd. You know, we definitely had a top-10 car driving around. Possibly a top-five if we could have started a little more up front. But besides that it is great experience. It was a solid 11th place. Without the yellows possibly a top 10. We figured it out after the race; it was just one day too late."

MATT JASKOL (#8 Michael Crawford Motorsports Dallara/Firestone): "We were hoping to be the first driver to win on both tracks. Michael Crawford Motorsports has done so much for me as it is. I'm lucky to even be in the car. They've gone more than out of the way to help me put this program together. I'm not really even a rookie because we don't have a full season. It's just race per race. This was my very first oval race ever in an open-wheel car. So to come here to Indy as a first race and bring it home in a solid position, I was happy." (What does the Indianapolis Motor Speedway mean to you?): "It's a very spiritual place to me. It means more to me than anything. Taking a (Formula BMW USA) victory here in 2004 has been the highlight of my life, not just my career. It was amazing. I can't describe driving down the front straightaway here at 190 mph. This place means a lot to me."

ALEX LLOYD (#7 Lucas Oil/Isilon Systems / SSM Dallara/Firestone): "Best feeling I've ever had. I've won some races before and I've won some important awards. I've won here before at the F1 race , but I've never experienced anything like that. It is like crossing the line here at Indianapolis on the oval of Carb Day, it's something I've dreamed about since I came here for the first time last year. I can't tell you how much it means. There are not that many chances you get to win at Indianapolis on the oval. To be the first driver (to win) on the oval and road course is something very special. The team did an unbelievable job. The car was so fast; it really was just a fantastic day. I can't put into words how happy I am. I hope we could get a few wins. I really wanted to win here; it's a big race for me and the team. Four in a row, I just didn't think about it. I had set high goals and expectations for this year, but coming out with four wins in a row wasn't one of them I even thought about. How we got it is unbelievable. Before this race and before St. Pete, I was thinking it never crossed my mind, to come where we are now is unbelievable. We got another race to go next weekend. So we are going to be enjoying this now and the next couple of days, and then we are going back to hard work for Milwaukee."

JAIME CAMARA (#11 Osofresh Dallara/Firestone): "I was hoping for two more laps. I think I had a chance, but we can't control the weather. We had a great car, and Andretti Green Racing did a great job today. I'm really happy after starting 18th after the problem we had in qualifying and now finishing third.

CHRIS FESTA (#9 CGR Indy Pro Series Dallara/Firestone): "I think we could have caught Alex. We had a really good race car today. It was sticking pretty well in all four turns, even in traffic. Both of our cars in clean air looked pretty evenly matched. He wasn't pulling away but I wasn't catching either. If we would have gotten that one lap in, it would have been pretty close to last year's finish.

MARC WILLIAMS (#6 www.PURENZ.com - TARANAKI Dallara/Firestone): "This is my first time to an oval. It went pretty good. We brought the car home in one piece. We probably would have liked a top-15 finish. But we thought we could have gotten a couple of positions better, but the yellows set us back. But my first event here at Indianapolis, it is just an awesome place. A huge circuit, with so many things to learn here. Every time I drive the car here, it seems to be different. I just have to take out all the stops and get everything right." (Being it was your first time out here, what has been the biggest challenge for you?): "We have not had any experience at ovals. Kentucky was kind of a tight circuit. But Indianapolis is the biggest one of the whole season. There are vast differences. It's fast here. I love the speed, how quick it is. Even though it looks like a big oval, the corners can still catch you up pretty tight."

MIKE POTEKHEN (#53 TRACARES Special Dallara/Firestone): "I think we had a car to win. Unfortunately, we got pretty much taken out in the first corner there. It seemed like Wade (Cunningham) jumped the start and drove across my nose. I don't know what he was thinking. I went and talked to him, but he didn't have much to say. It's really frustrating. We definitely had a car to win today. It's too bad. The fortunate thing is that we are coming on strong. We (Team Apex Racing) had a pole and myself with a third-place starting position. The car was awesome all day. The bars, were easy to adjust, which I had good range of movement there. We had quite a good car. Most important thing, I want to thank Track Care Foundation. I am proud to be here. It is just unfortunate that we didn't finish further up. But it was fun driving through the field anyways." (How did this compare to driving on the road course here last year?): "I was neat to drive on the road course here with Formula One last year. But this is Indy. Driving here on the oval is what it is all about."

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