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FUTABA FREEDOM 100 -- Thursday, May 26

JAIME CAMARA (#1 CELG -- Sam Schmidt Motorsports Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): "We had a pretty good car since the beginning today. We were working just to find the right line to have a good qualifying session, and I think we had a very good qualifying session." (This is a big event. Do you feel the pressure?): "Yes, there's a lot of pressure here. It's Indianapolis, man. When you arrive here, there's pressure." (More Camara quotes to follow)

AL UNSER (#3 Brian Stewart Racing Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): "Well, it's in the show. We'll go get them in the race. That's about all I have to say about qualifying. We made some adjustments after practice in between qualifying, and I actually found some more grip, so I think I have something up my sleeve for the race." (About family tradition at Indy): "When I used to come here, I thought that it was just another track. But I got on here earlier this month and once I actually got some laps around this place, it actually does have a connection with me. There's something about this place, I'm not sure what it is. Whether it's the bricks underneath the asphalt, the history, or maybe because my family has won so much, but there's something to do with this place." (About lucky penny inside fire suit): "I've got a lucky penny that I found. It's taped (inside fire suit). I found this in the infield parking lot, heads up. In '92 before my dad won, my aunt found a penny heads up in the parking lot, gave it to my dad, and he won, so I'm hoping it will bring me the same luck."

MARTY ROTH (#4 Roth Racing Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): It's not bad. We got into the car, and it was a little different than the Indy car -- we had to adjust to it. But it will be a great race. I'm looking forward to it, and it should be real exciting tomorrow." (Do you have to pay attention to the difference in momentum given the lower power?): "Oh, yeah, this is a spec series, and we're all running pretty much the same stuff. It's a matter of cleaning it up the best you can and keeping the momentum going, and that's the name of the game in the Infiniti Pro Series. I'm sure it will be a pretty tight race with a lot of drafting, and the pack will be pretty tight. It's always a spectacular race at Indy."

TRAVIS GREGG (#7 Lucas Oil Products/Sam Schmidt Mspt Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): I'm pretty happy with it. We picked up a lot of time from practice to qualifying, shaved off like three or four tenths." (How did you do that?): "It got a little cooler. But a lot of factors go into it." (Did the wind picking up bother you?): "Just coming out of (Turn) 2 -- it affected the car a little bit but not too bad." (More Gregg quotes to follow)

TOM WOOD (#11 Sam Schmidt Motorsports Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): "I don't know, the car was flat. I don't know what it was, it was all the car had in it. Things changed a little bit, it cooled down a little bit, and we might have had too much downforce in it. Before I got hurt, the last four races I was in, the worst we got was a fifth-place finish and a few podium finishes, so no, we're quite a bit off, but we'll get it together tonight." (About taking green flag at Indy): "How does it feel to start in the Super Bowl? I mean, the only thing that could be any better would be starting in the '500,' but this is the place."

CHRIS FESTA (#19 Lockformer/SpacePak/CareCentric/SSM Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): (About the run): "It was terrible. Something went wrong with the electronics, either a fuel pump or fuel pressure sensor, which caused the engine to run terrible coming out of Turn 4. We'll be starting in the last row, which isn't where I want to be, but we're going to put the race setup back on the car, and I'll just have to work my way through the field tomorrow. My priority is to come through the field and stay out of trouble. My family is here from Atlanta, but I want everyone from home to know that we'll be coming to the front tomorrow."

JAY DRAKE (#20 Vision Racing Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): (About busy schedule this week): "Yeah, we have a race here tomorrow afternoon and then shoot over to the Indiana State Fairgrounds, and we have a couple more after that to finish off the weekend. So it's a big, busy weekend, but it's what I love to do. I'd race every day if I had the chance, and this week I kind of get to do that." (Do you have trouble switching back and forth?): "Just trying to stay untired, I think. It's a lot of late nights and early mornings, and you forget to sleep sometimes, and that's the hardest part. But getting back and forth in the race cars, well, that's what I love to do. If I could spend every moment I was awake in a race car, I would do it. This is the closest time of the year that I get to do that." (The run): "We keep getting better every time we go on the track, as it has been all year. Every time we are on the track it's better than before, and that's promising. Honestly, we wanted to be on the pole and win every race so anything less than that is a little disappointing but being here at the Speedway and having a great starting spot so it can make for a great race. So we have two more chances to get it better so we can be a contender tomorrow."

NICK BUSSELL (#21 JL West Motorsports Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): "I'm a little disappointed. I thought the laps were going to be a bit better than that based on what I felt. We've been chasing out selves a little bit. We're not quite sure why we can't get the speed out of it or where we're lacking. We're lacking somewhere, we're not sure where, though. It's a lot better than it was, our lap times anyway. We're not quite sure what we're going to do. We'll improve it in the race, we'll see."

TAYLOR FLETCHER (#23 World Vision-Bullet-Team Motorsports Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): "We're having a little bit of trouble with the chassis setup. Probably lack of track time. We went out and had the accelerator flat all the way around. It's just getting the car so it's right. You don't' want it too comfortable, but you want it so that it's not scary, but at the same time, you want it so it's fast. So that's our struggle. It's just taking aero effects out of the car. Bringing the car up and it's just that elusive five miles an hour, or one second, that's what we're trying to find. It's Indy, so you know, we have family and friends here supporting World Vision and Olive Crest foundation, two of our children's charities, so it's nice with this kind of venue and these kinds of crowds to be able to do that."

JEFF SIMMONS (#24 Kenn Hardley Motorsports Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): "Uneventful and slow. We've tried a lot of things on the car, and we have a car that's pretty well balanced and we've gone (with) all different ride heights and we just can't seem to find the speed that some of these guys have. We're all kind of a little frustrated by it. Hopefully we can get a good race setup and maybe we'll be able to draft with these guys tomorrow."

MARCO ANDRETTI (#26 Vonage Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): "I'm definitely unhappy. I went out first of all with no dash, no data or anything, so I didn't know where I was at and that, as a driver, that's not fun. But on the other hand, we were flat and we were doing all we could do anyway, so I was doing the best I can. I just don't think it was there. Basically we came here with a different motor and that was big time off, so we put this one back in and we had to miss the session, so we are just way out there. With the draft, I'll be able to stay up with these guys, hopefully."

WADE CUNNINGHAM (#33 Visit New Zealand Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): "I think we should have gone a little further with the changes that we could've made. I think the track has changed a lot since we were here last for the Open Test. I don't think we developed the setup on the car as we should've. That's why we dropped down from our practice times to qualifying right now."

IMRAN HUSAIN (#36 Genoa Racing Special Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): "I'm disappointed in the run; we ran faster in the morning. We ran 185 in the morning. The weather conditions changed, but we've got to go look at the data and see what went wrong. In the afternoon run, we have some problems with the throttle application; the throttle was stuck at 80 percent, so I don't if there's a similar problem or not. I thought I drove the car harder than I did this morning, but apparently not. The times aren't there like they were this morning."

GERMAN QUIROGA (#42 Kenn Hardley Racing -- Unico Competition Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): "We had made some changes before the last practice session ended, and we didn't get to really try them. I think we're going the right direction, and tomorrow the car will be very good. We got everything out of the car that we could. We wanted to be up in the front, but there wasn't much left in the car. I think that for the race tomorrow we're going to have a good car." (Do you enjoy this track?): "Yeah, for sure. It's new for me to see all of this, and it's very nice. The racing is great here."

COLE CARTER (#77 American Revolution Racing Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): "It was good. The car was very stable, and it was trimmed out right. The gearing was great, and that's important. I just tried to go out there and keep it smooth, and that's what we did. We ended up being about where we had predicted." (Do you have any adrenaline left after recently completing rookie test?): "I've been staying pretty calm. I'm just trying to take it all in, and I'm just doing what I can out there. We're just going to try to stay out of trouble and stay at the front tomorrow."

MISHAEL ABBOTT (#91 Hemelgarn Johnson Motorsports Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): "It was great. We struggled getting the car going the first two sessions in the morning, but I was flat all the way around, and I drove what I got. Now we have to go back and see if we can pick up a little more speed." (Now that you're at Indy, is it meeting or exceeding your expectations?): "This is incredible. Just being here; I've been here all month long. It's a dream come true."


JAIME CAMARA: "We had a good car since the first practice. Since we went out, I was flat the second lap, and I was very comfortable with the car. I did a good line every time; I did the same line every time." (You and teammate and second-place qualifier Travis Gregg come from different racing backgrounds; how has that worked for both of you here?): "I think it doesn't matter here because I had to learn everything about oval-track racing, and Travis already knew that. He helps me sometimes, and I help him sometimes. This is kind of a payback because I was in (the) second row at Homestead and Phoenix, and he was pole. So now I'm pole, and he's second." (As teammates, how are you going to work together tomorrow?): "We'll work together like at Homestead. At Homestead, we were together and on the last three laps I tried to pass him but couldn't, so I think we're going to do this here." (Marty Roth said he expects the field to run in a pack. Will you be able to run alone or in the pack?): "If we work together, we can get away from the pack."

TRAVIS GREGG: (About today's performance): "Yeah, I'm really excited. We weren't as quick as we wanted to be in the morning practice sessions, but we made some changes. We came out in qualifying and were able to get on to the front row. I'm really excited. This place is unlike going around a place like the Lawrenceburg Speedway like I'm used to. It's totally different, especially when you're going around here at 190 mph with a formula-type car." (About being teammates with Jaime Camara): "As teammates, we work together and try to help each other out. I know that Jaime has helped me out a bunch, but being teammates, that's just what we're going to do." (How are you going to work together as teammates?): "We're not going to take each other out, for one." (This race is a 40-lap sprint. How do you plan to win it?): "I think there are a couple of different ways that this race can be won. You can try to analyze how the race is going to be run, but it may not happen the way you think it will. You have to be patient and calm. This is a 100-mile race, not just one lap out there. I think we'll be fine. We're going to work as a team and race each other fair and clean." (How does the draft affect things?): "You are going to go about three- or four-tenths quicker than if you were by yourself. It's just the way these cars are designed with the aerodynamics." (How did you get to the Menards Infiniti Pro Series?): "We just decided that we wanted to move forward in racing. We started looking around for some opportunities, and my dad was calling around Indianapolis and heard about Sam Schmidt Motorsports. We heard about the Menards Infiniti Pro Series and decided to see what it was all about, so we did a test in December of 2003. We were able to drive the car 100 laps at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and things went really well. Because of that we started talking a little more to Sam Schmidt about what we needed to do to get into a race car. It all led to getting a rookie license and competing in three races. Sam Schmidt Motorsports is a great organization, and we felt it was a great fit for us."


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