The Killer Track (1964)


Full title reads: "Indianapolis. The Killer Track"".

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America (USA). Two drivers killed in the Indi 500 motor race.

GV The 33 starters going round the track just before the start. GV Mass crowds. GV Pan as the cars start. LV As the leaders go into second bend to start the second lap. LV Car driven by Dave MacDonald spins off the track and hits the inside wall just the camera and bursts into flames in front of the camera. LV The car burning fiercely. GV ditto. Another car, driven by Eddie Sax hits the flaming wreck and there is an explosion some cars come through the smoke and flames and others spin off. GV The cars appearing through the smoke and flames at the top right hand side of picture one car crashes into the inside bank and catches alight the driver hastily throws himself from the car onto the grass and rolls over to put the flames out the remaining cars in the race slow down and stop as people collect wheels from the track and fire engines arrive. SV Crowd.

LV As the race is re-started and the cars come round the track in the order they were when the race was stopped. TS Cars at speed. SV Pan as Jim Clark grinds to a halt with one near wheel dragging along the ground through suspension failure. SV Pan Parnelli Jones leaving the pits is frantically waved down by mechanics who see that his car is alight. Pan with the car as Parnelli Jones scrambles out. GV As he throws himself from the car and rolls over and over to put his suit out. GV Cars racing. LV Pan ditto. CU Finishing flag is dropped. LV As AJ Foyt the winner drives his car in. GV Crowd. CU Foyt wearing the winner's wreath. He's congratulated by a girl friend.

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Duration 01:51
Posted Feb 29, 2016
Series IndyCar
Event Indy 500
Location Indianapolis Motor Speedway