Indianapolis Auto Race Aka 500 Mile Auto Race (1955)


Indianapolis, United States of America (USA).

Indianapolis 500 mile auto race in progress. Bill Vukovich, better known as "Wild Bill" winner two years running, in the lead. GV. Competitors racing around track. SV. Crowd watching. SV. Pan with cars as they tear along track, Bill Vukovich in the lead, & SV. (3 shots). SV. Crowds watching. GV. Pan, cars racing. CU. & SV. Cars streaking past. SV. Cars streaking past. SCU. Another car streaking past (3 shots). GV. Two cars pile up, following cars pile into them. One car pushed right over track and twisting over and over. SCU. Cars passing wreckage. SCU. Fire engine tearing to scene of crash. CU. Firemen running. SV. Fire attempting to put out blaze. GV. Wreckage, smoke from it. SV. Pan, ambulances and fire engines around wreckage. SCU. Driver of one of the cars who escaped talking to another man. SCU. Burning car. GV. Track, men trying to pick up pieces of wreckage as other cars flash past. Bill Vukovich dies and 7 drivers are injured but the race continues. GV. Two cars streaking towards finishing line, and CU. SV. Bob Swierkart tearing towards finishing line. GV. Up track, Swierkart past man with checked flag. SCU. Swierkart in car driving into pits and being congratulated.

(F.G.) (Orig.D.)
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Duration 01:03
Posted Feb 29, 2016
Series IndyCar
Event Indy 500
Location Indianapolis Motor Speedway