Indianapolis 500 Race (1967)


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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America (USA). The Indi 500 motor race in 1967 is a start-stop affair.

GV Crowd at Indianapolis. VS The race gets under way and the cars speed around in the early laps. VS Movement in the crowds when the rain starts to fall. MS Car No. 40 a turbine engine car which is being wheeled in after being in the lead when the race was stopped because of heavy rains. Parnelli Jones was the driver.

VS The race being re-started on the following day and ends with AJ Foyt winning after rest of field is halted by crash which is briefly seen in LS. MS AJ Foyt being acclaimed.

(F.G.) Old record suggests material dates from around 01/06/1967.
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Video by British Pathé
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