Car Classic Ends In Disaster (1949)


Full title reads: "Indianapolis - Car Classic Ends In Disaster".

Indianapolis, United States of America (USA).

MV Towards cars whizzing round Indianapolis speedway. LV Cars racing round. MV Elevated towards cars racing round. LV Pan cars racing round. CU Person looking on. LV Duke Nalon in car 54 passes another car and goes into lead. MV Nalon driving round track. LV Wheel comes off Nalon's car. It hits wall and car bursts into flames. Other cars passing in foreground. MV Pan towards flames across track Some cars passing flames on grass, Others driving through flames. MV Blazing car tilt down to cars driving through blazing Oil. LV Cars skirting blazing oil on grass. MV Elevated two cars racing side by side. CU Person looking on.

SV One car passing another. CU Person looking on. MV Car whizzing past. CU Car whizzing past. CU Type. MV Bill Holland passes another car. MV Bill Holland.- No 7 - whizzing round track. MV Men stepping onto track with finishing flag. LV Elevated pan Bill Holland being Flagged in first. MV Pan Bill Holland coasting down track.

N.B. I think this is the Indi 500 race - MD.
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About this video
Video by British Pathé
Duration 00:51
Series IndyCar
Tags crash, vintage racing

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