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Chronological IndyCar photos :

The paddock in the early morning fog Oriol Servia
Oriol Servia Oriol Servia
David Martinez Oriol Servia
Oriol Servia Ernesto Viso
Enrique Bernoldi Graham Rahal
Ernesto Viso Ernesto Viso
Alex Figge Ernesto Viso
Alex Figge Paul Tracy
Paul Tracy Paul Tracy
Paul Tracy Alex Tagliani
David Martinez Alex Tagliani
Paul Tracy Alex Tagliani
Alex Tagliani Paul Tracy
Alex Figge Paul Tracy
Graham Rahal Enrique Bernoldi
Alex Figge Graham Rahal
Paul Tracy David Martinez
Graham Rahal Graham Rahal
Graham Rahal David Martinez
Paul Tracy Alex Tagliani
Ernesto Viso Justin Wilson
David Martinez Franck Montagny
Ernesto Viso Simon Pagenaud
Simon Pagenaud Enrique Bernoldi