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Chronological IndyCar photos :

Fans arriving Opening ceremonies
Sold out Kansas Speedway Fly over before the race
The start Shigeaki Hattori
Eddie Cheever Race action: Felipe Giaffone, Robbie Buhl and Sam Hornish Jr.
Kansas Speedway grandstands Robbie Buhl in pitlane
Pitstop for Eddie Cheever Race action: Billy Boat and Shigeaki Hattori
Race action: Shigeaki Hattori, Didier André and Jeret Schroeder Mark Dismore and Didier André
Buddy Lazier and Airton Daré Pitstop for Mark Dismore
Pitstop for Felipe Giaffone Pitstop for Robby McGehee
Eddie Cheever and Sam Hornish Jr. Eddie Cheever taking the checkered flag
Race winner Eddie Cheever Race winner Eddie Cheever
Race winner Eddie Cheever
Pitstop for Buzz Calkins