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Chronological IndyCar photos :

Vertex Gathering data
Pre-race gridding Felipe Giaffone's helmet
Greg Ray's crew
Eddie Cheever
Al Unser Jr.
Al Unser Jr.
Jon Herb
Casey Mears's helmet Stephan Gregoire's rear end
Casey Mears
Robbie Buhl Sarah Fisher
Race winner Greg Ray Eddie Cheever Jr.
Shigeaki Hattori Eliseo Salazar
Buddy Lazier Stephan Gregoire
Jeff Ward Felipe Giaffone
Sam Hornish Jr. Sarah Fisher
Robbie Buhl Sarah flat out!
The burning of Atlanta: Casey Mears taking a flight The burning of Atlanta, part 2
Mears lands backwards at 180 mph Everything coming apart
Unser comes to a rest Jon Herb comes through intact
Davey Hamilton exits while car burns Workers rush to cars
Tire World All walked away
Buddy Lazier Didier André
Scott Sharp Stephan Gregoire