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Alex Tagliani leading Dario Franchitti and Christian Fittipaldi Machine
Old park buildings
Saddleback Mountains Shinji Nakano
Pitstop for Shinji Nakano Pitstop for Adrian Fernandez
Shinji Nakano Shinji Nakano
Adrian Fernandez: P1 First lap: Adrian Fernandez leading Dario Franchitti
The start: Adrian Fernandez leading the field Adrian Fernandez
The starting grid
The starting grid
Adrian Fernandez during the drivers parade Crowd in the paddock area
The podium: Dario Franchitti
The podium: Dario Franchitti
Patrick Carpentier after the race Dario Franchitti
Adrian Fernandez Pitstop for Patrick Carpentier
Pitstop for Paul Tracy Paul Tracy
Pitstop for Alex Tagliani Shinji Nakano
Dario Franchitti leaving pits Pitstop for Dario Franchitti
Dario Franchitti Dario Franchitti and Paul Tracy
Dario Franchitti
Dario Franchitti discussing with engineers Steve Challis and Paul Tracy
Paul Tracy
Adrian Fernandez getting out of the car Adrian Fernandez
Shinji Nakano Shinji Nakano
Shinji Nakano
Shinji Nakano Michel Jourdain Jr. and Adrian Fernandez
Adrian Fernandez Under cover
Team KOOL Green crew pushing car on pitlane Paul Tracy discussing with engineers
Paul Tracy
Local hero Adrian Fernandez
Adrian Fernandez