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Chronological IndyCar photos :

Felipe Giaffone with girlfriend Alice Kansas Speedway
Kansas Speedway
Kansas Speedway Kansas Speedway
Robby McGehee
Robby McGehee Felipe Giaffone
Robby McGehee
Buddy Lazier Sarah Fisher and Felipe Giaffone
Buddy Lazier Sarah Fisher
Scott Sharp Donnie Beechler
Mark Dismore Didier André
Sarah Fisher Sarah Fisher
Greg Ray
Buddy Lazier
Airton Daré Donnie Beechler
Robbie Buhl Jeret Schroeder
Greg Ray Al Unser Jr.
Robby McGehee Jeret Schroeder
Eliseo Salazar Jaques Lazier
Jon Herb Robbie Buhl and Airton Daré
Robby McGehee Robbie Buhl