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Chronological IndyCar photos :

Arie Luyendyk holds a press conference
A.J. Foyt unveils a special Wheaties box cover Motorsport.com's Rich Romer get a fast lap on the track in the pace car
Wheaties honors A.J. Foyt
Actor Jim Caviezel is the Grand Marshall
Look Ma, no hands!
The Navy Seals do a practice jump
The dent made in the new soft wall by Robby McGehee The view down the back stretch, we're hitting 150mph in a street car
Breaking as we head into turn 3 Coming out of turn 4
Down the front stretch An IRL car built for two
I get to follow in a 2003 'Vette, Rich is going into turn 2: a lap around Indy in the pace car at 150mph A.J. Foyt finally sees his picture on a Wheaties box.
A.J. Foyt
A.J. Foyt
This would have been a great shot of Jim Caviezel if the blonde had not gotten in the way
Oh, that's where I put those sun glasses, silly me
The view down the front stretch Past the Pagoda
This lovely young lady is...
....with the local Fox affiliate in Indianapolis
Look what 150mph did to this woman