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Chronological IndyCar photos :

Airton Daré Airton Daré
Felipe Giaffone Jimmy Vasser
Robby McGehee Jimmy Vasser
Shigeaki Hattori
Laurent Redon Richie Hearn
Kelley Racing owner Tom Kelley
Hideki Noda
Getting ready for the practice session Shigeaki Hattori
Jimmy Vasser
Jon Herb Laurent Redon
Rick Treadway
Robby McGehee
Eddie Cheever
Robbie Buhl Rick Treadway
Jimmy Vasser Jimmy Vasser
Richie Hearn Richie Hearn
Richie Hearn
Airton Daré Jimmy Vasser
Foyt racing crew members
Shigeaki Hattori Airton Daré
Rick Treadway Jon Herb
Richie Hearn's helmet Jimmy Vasser and Alex Barron
Robbie Buhl and Felipe Giaffone Jeret Schroeder and George Mack
Scott Sharp Eddie Cheever and Tomas Scheckter