Watkins Glen: Pacific Coast Motorsport race report


MARIO DOMINGUEZ, #96 Visit Mexico City/PCM/Honda/Dallara/Firestone

Mario on the race: "The Visit Mexico City ran strong all weekend and the PCM crew did a great job. It's great to get this finish on our first race back and in just our third race in the series. It was tough out there, it's very competitive, and there were a lot of mistakes out there, so I am proud of our effort. It was a very positive weekend for us, we learned a lot all weekend. I am very excited for our next event at Mid-Ohio because I think we should be a lot more competitive there. Most of what we learned this weekend, will apply at Mid-Ohio, so I can't wait to get there."

Tyler Tadevic, Team Owner: "We are moving in the right direction. This was a good finish for us. The crew did a great job and the car ran flawlessly all weekend. We improved in every session this weekend and that is one of our goals right now. We took some time off to prepare for this race and that was the right decision. I am proud to give Mexico City a top-13 finish in just our third race."

Mario's Mexico City Travel Tip: "Restaurant del Lago is one of my very favorite restaurants in the world. It is located right on the lake in Chapultepec Park. The location is beautiful; I enjoy sitting right on the lake and enjoying their food. When you go to Mexico City, this place is a MUST!" For assistance planning your next vacation to Mexico City, visit www.mexicocity.gob.mx.

*Noteworthy: PCM will be featured in an upcoming episode of the The History Channels hit program "Modern Marvels," schedule to air July 10th at 8:00 pm ET. The episode features the safety aspects of open-wheel racing. Team owner Tyler Tadevic and PCM drivers Mario Dominguez and Frankie Muniz were interviewed for the program. This episode should not be confused with the "Carbon" episode which aired earlier this year. Check your local listings for updates.

-credit: pcm

Media Contact: Katie Brannan, PCM Public Relations Mobile 949-306-9194 katiebrannan@earthlink.net

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