The road from USAC to Indy has become a tough one to travel

Shifting from a USAC car, be it a silver crown, midget or sprint to an IndyCar is a feat in itself, but according to Bryan Clauson USAC veterans are used to driving something different every weekend.

Bryan Clauson is making his second start in the Indianapolis 500 this weekend in a KVSH Racing/Jonathan Bryd partnered car coming from the USAC ranks.

Today at the Indianapolis Motors Speedway he spoke to about the transition into IndyCar for the 500 this season.


“What (USAC) prepares you for is being able to adapt. We race Friday without a wing, then Saturday with the wing at a quarter mile, then Sunday in a midget somewhere,” Clauson said. 

“You drive so many different types of cars on so many different types of tracks you really learn to adapt.”

In the past, drivers heading to both NASCAR and IndyCar would likely have spent a good amount of time running USAC, but as the business continues to morph, less and less drivers are making that transition.

I’d argue that if you put Kyle Larson in a Ganassi car he would be in the fast nine.

Bryan Clauson

“It is just a tough sell right now,” said Clauson. 

“Business has changed all around racing. Not only here in IndyCar, but the pipeline to NASCAR is a lot smaller now too. It is a lot more of a money game these day. It’s not a guarantee anymore. It used to be if you win USAC you are either at The ‘Speedway or you are heading to Charlotte. It’s just not that way anymore.”

While the ability for drivers to make a transition from a business and career standpoint is difficult today, from a performance angle there are no issues for USAC veterans.

“I’d argue that if you put Kyle Larson in a Ganassi car he would be in the fast nine,” Clauson said.


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