Ten worthless opinions: Thanksgiving edition

What are you thankful for this year?

One of the problems of being a “columnist”¹ is coming to grips with the fact that your opinions are all you have. I have no Rolodex full of IndyCar movers and shakers, no behind-the-scenes intrigue and gossip, and no discernible credentials to support anything I say. It is that lack of valuable information that makes writing during the off-season so difficult; I have to just make things up as I go. Many of my regular readers would say that is no different than in-season. So what does an opinionaire like me do? One simply attaches a few hundred words to whatever event is handy. So here it is, New Track Record’s “Ten Worthless Opinions: Thanksgiving Edition.” These are ten things about IndyCar for which I’m thankful, or at least they don’t make me want to bang my head on the wall. Thankfully.

1. Everyone realizes that the entity known as Hulman Racing now controls both IMS and the IndyCar Series, right? Mark Miles being in charge of all things IndyCar is something for which to be thankful. He does not seem to have someone looking over his shoulder, and he has quietly consolidated his power by putting his people into key positions. In the struggle among IMS, the IndyCar Series, and the Hulman family, previous bosses were never seen as totally in control. No more. For better or worse, Miles is calling the shots and all the parts report to him. It may take time, but at least he has a long term plan.

Mark Miles, CEO of Hulman and Company
Mark Miles, CEO of Hulman and Company

Photo by: Trevor Horn

2. The inaugural Grand Prix of Indianapolis made the news and will most likely add some life to a moribund month of May in Indy. The crowd will likely be local, but who cares? The locals and the out-of-state visitors were not coming out early in the month anyway, so changes were in order. Look at it this way. I had a favorite pair of jeans that I wore so long that they fit me perfectly. I loved them. Unfortunately, they wore out. At some point I needed to break in a new pair. That’s the month of May in Indy. It’s worn out. And it’s going to take some time to break in a new schedule. Just look at the Grand Prix of Indianapolis as a new pair of skinny jeans. Sometimes fashions change, and it takes time to get used to the new styles…and the chafing.

3. NBCSN (NBC Sports Network) has made IndyCar a priority. The pre-race interviews and features were tightened up. It looks like the interns were finally told they could no longer produce this segment of the broadcast, other than Robin Miller’s grid run, which still has the monkey/football aspect to it. The booth of Leigh Diffey, Townsend Bell, and Wally Dallenbach, Jr. works. They are intelligent, excitable, witty, and fun.

4. ABC Sports and its overlord ESPN finally decided to do something about the broadcast booth at IMS and in the IndyCar Series. I’m not sure Marty Reid was the only problem, but at least it appears the network has turned its eye to improving the product. I assume ABC knows that Dario Franchitti is available.

Dario Franchitti, Target Chip Ganassi Racing Honda
Dario Franchitti, Target Chip Ganassi Racing Honda

Photo by: Covy Moore

5. Speaking of Dario Franchitti, every fan of open wheel racing needs to thank Dallara for building a solid car. The car did its job at Houston. It may be ugly, but it’s racy and saves lives. If there is a problem with the racing, it is not the car’s fault. It works.

6. IndyCar fans should be thankful Juan Pablo Montoya is coming back to the series. He is a real wheelman who has the ability to run up front, win races, and piss off owners, racers, and fans. The series needs villains, and JPM can certainly fill the role. Truth be told, he has done more globally than Franchitti and has more world-wide fans, as evidenced by his 777,000 Twitter followers as compared to Franchitti’s 115,000. He is NOT over-the-hill.

Juan Pablo Montoya tests the Team Penske Chevrolet
Juan Pablo Montoya tests the Team Penske Chevrolet

Photo by: John Hendrick

7. Quite frankly, I’m thankful for the nuts who follow IndyCar racing. Disturbed? Take a stroll through TrackForum sometime. These people are opinionated, argumentative, angry, and necessary. The series absolutely needs to find a new demographic to assure the future of open wheel racing, but the hard-core traditionalists will need to be brought kicking and screaming to whatever new paradigm is developed. And listening to those crazy bastards always makes me smile. Rage on!

8. Although it seems like a death wish for the series, I’m thankful for the right-sized schedule…for now. The series has contracted the number of dates and shortened the calendar to avoid football. Now the series can build the schedule slowly and methodically, adding races, venues, and dates that fit with the strategy that Mark Miles and Hulman Racing have developed. Smart businesses have both long-term and short-term goals that fit with a strategic vision. Right or wrong, Hulman Racing now has a plan.

9. A special thanks to past, current, and future sponsors of teams, venues, and races. I will buy your vodka, wear your underwear, and ride on your tires. There is value in the series, but the businessmen at 16th and Georgetown need to sell it. So go sell it. I really hated to see IZOD leave, though, because I really liked their pocket t-shirts and socks. They were my fashion statement.

10. Finally, a thanks to the drivers and teams in the series for putting on the best show in racing.

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